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    Original Reggaeton Samples

    Guys I'm tired of using samples that are cut fom other songs eg. kicks,snares,palitos,timbales. Do someone knows from what machine (keyboard,mpc,ect.) can i get original kicks snares for reggaeton? Sorry if this topic is listed somewhere else im tired of looking around. Im also tired of my beats...
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    Tiraera para Temperamento ( Freestyle )

    Hoy Tenia Un Muchacho Dominicano que nunca Habia grabado ni a entrado en su vida a un estudio. Si! sabe cantar freestyle saca lo que sea de su cabesa y te dura 10 minutos simparar. Opine de este muchacho, la calidad fue baja. Sin ofensa a nadie, no mas me lo encontre chistoso que le tire a...
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    Question To Producers! Topic: Auto Tune

    There is a small tutorial on how to apply settings on Auto Tunes so it can be used as a vocoder. ( Baby Ranks Effects the one that with out it he'll sound like Sh#t). If someone has it can you reply to this post on where i can get it! or email me at kelvin_031@msn.com. I had it NOZTRA (he uses...