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    Req: B.o.b. - strange clouds extended intro feat lil wayne

    Looking for the original extended of strange clouds. can anyone please post?
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    Denon DNS 1200

    what you guys thing? My shitty american audio's gave out lol this is looking like the next investment before going pioneer
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    Dre Beats

    any other DJs who fuck with the Dre Beats? Although they weren't made as DJ headphones, I do say they work fucking awesome as them
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    Req: Lil' Wayne featuring Drake - Right Above It (Extended Intro)

    been searchin the forum i cnt find it, if sum1 cud hook it up thatd b tight
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    NEW Eminem - Not Afraid (WOWW)

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    NEW Drake - Find Your Love (produced by Kanye West)

    http://www.zshare.net/audio/7550080343c5bf72/ give thanks
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    B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams & Eminem - Airplanes II

    http://www.zshare.net/audio/751558693f433e5d/ leave feedback
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    The Move to Serato

    Hey guys, I've been a VDJ loyalist for years, and i've been surviving and thriving off of its limited abilities. Until recent technical difficulties, I've been a Serato virgin lol. I've used it the past 3 weeks (my boys equipment) and I've had no problem making the adjustment. Now comes the time...
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    Help with VDJ and an RMX controller

    ive been using virtual dj for some time and i got an rmx last year. everything has been going fine until i started having problems with most likely vdj and not the hardware. there are times when i slam mix at the bar, and when i hit play, the song wont play it kills the vibe especially when i...
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    50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct (Review)

    50 Cent nowadays may be more famous for his business endevaors outside of the music business than he is for the actual records. And lets be honest, everyone of us knows 50 Cent will never be able to top Get Rich or Die Trying, and he will never be able to top In Da Club. He may have sold...
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    R.I.P. Dolla

    Updated - Atlanta rapper Dolla, aka Roderick Anthony Burton II, was shot dead at the Beverly Hills Center. Dolla’s publicist, Sue Vannasing, confirmed Dolla was dead. Vannasing said Dolla was shot in the head around 3:10 p.m. Dolla and another rapper, DJ Shabbazz, waited in the valet area...
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    Eminem's New Voice?

    what y'all think?
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    Finally Back

    I was having a tough time accessing the site the past week, it finally let me back on lol am i alone?
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    Car Audio Set Ups, JUST FOR FUN GUYS

    how many of y'all are so in love with the club atmosphere and hearing your music thumping that you got your whip connected proper? im talkin about subwoofers in ur cars and speaker systems. im fuckin with a 12 inch pioneer premier championship series. shit hits. i know im not alone who else has...
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    Virtual DJ Appreciation Thread

    i strongly believe this is one of the most user friendly programs out there for the laptop djs. who else feels the same way? ive rocked plenty of backyard bangers with just virtual dj