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    Rupee-Do The Dame Thing * Request *

    im looking for this joint its hot feelin' it not sure if it just came out or what. but if you got it and want to share ya know what to do if not then pm that ishh lol ... instrumental and accapella are welcome... :D good looks
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    Did sum1 request old school Tiraera?...come get it

    as i posted on the thread i was goin' to post the old school Tiraera ...... it took me a while to find the cd in my room but now it here so enjoy it... 02-Nitro y Fanta ft. GS "Stop Da Bank Records" Tiraera pa la calle 03-Tego calderon para Hector "El Bambino" 04-Polaco y Tego Calderon (Live on...
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    Advise on studio

    ight been savin up money to make my own home studio,... right now what i have my eye on is that M-Box 2 ... i know i can't go wrong with that right there but lik what should be the next equipment i get lik speackers , a mic a certain software and which ones any good advise will help n i will...
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    daddy yankee new album cover

    Barrio Fino : En Directo - Daddy Yankee (CD + DVD) -Diciembre 13, 2005- Con : Cinco (5) temas nuevos, incluyendo... - "Rompe" - "Gangster Zone" (f. Snoop Dogg) ...y un tema junto al rapero estadounidense Paul Wall. i was goin through some sites and i bumped into this.. it sucks howw it...
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    x-mas Salsa

    This is probably not the place to put it but w.e... mostly latinos in here .. ok i need help.. i need a Salsa joint but it has to b bout x-mas.. i haven't found n e thing yet but if n e 1 knows of a song or has 1 that ya can give me the link to dat would be great ..or.. just send me an...
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    Some Advice

    SIZE=5]ight i wanna start making my own reggaeton beats.. some time b4 i checked out a forum and i forgot who but some 1 posted up da basics to making a reggaeton beat... so can anybody help me out with this (i got reason 2.5)[/SIZE]