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    2 CD's from ya boy $tackz

    DOWNLOAD ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY FREEEEEE!!!!! :D DJ Do $tackz - Block Bizniss http://www.sendspace.com/file/gjal0l DJ Do $tackz - R&B Excellence http://www.sendspace.com/file/yif5v8
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    These Kids Go Hard!!!!

    I thought I was going to see somethin decent, well I was wrong... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2josUqMTUmE DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei scratchin
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    Calling All Female Dj's!!!

    What up doe, It is ya boy DJ Do $tackz and I am looking for some of yall who feel u have a sexy voice to do some drops for me in the next couple days if possible. I will be using them on my mixtape R&B Excellence which will be droppin this weekend. hit me up asap djdostackz@gmail.com
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    Whats the difference between rap & hip hop?

    Tell me what yall think? Do you use them seperately or are they just titles for the same thing? :confused::eek::o;):cool::cool::cool::cool: -
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    DJ Do $tackz - Club Hoppin

    What up yall, This is my first one, a lot more work than I expected. Not perfect, but who is? ;) http://www.sendspace.com/file/xjzyor tracklist coming soon. Feedback please.... Holla at ya boy! :cool:
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    Friend or Foe 2007 - My equipment stolen again!

    Whats poppin everybody, so as you know ma crib was broken into about 2 months ago (if you read dat post). So during the last 6 weeks while I'm waiting on the insurance company I go to chill wit one of my so called friends/rapper J-Kase several times, and I tell him the whole story and...
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    Def Jam's Icon Video Game Commercial...

    Is it me or did I hear Ballinnnnn (Jim Jones) on this Def Jam (Jay-Z) Commercial? :confused: :D :cool:
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    Ever Had Your Equipment Stolen? I Have

    This past thursday ma crib got broken into and they stole my turntables, both my computers and some other hardware I had hooked up in my mini-studio. What home owners insurance covers is yet to be determined. I am in need of music, lots of it. I have a gig next month and a lot of old and...
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    My New Page

    GET AT ME!!!! www.myspace.com/djdostackz
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    Midwest Rollin!!!!!

    What up doe, Its ya boys birthday tomorrow, anything poppin up here in the Midwest on a Tuesday? Get at me, ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    PDX-2000 w/Gemini headshell???

    Whaddup, I just got one of my Vestax PDX-2000's and I tried to put my old headshell (Gemini headshell, Stanton 520 SK cartrige) on it, but it won't screw on :confused: ... Do you have to have a certain kind of headhell or is it something to do wit the tone arm??????
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    Making your company OFFICIAL!

    I know very little about making your company official. I was wondering what everyone did to make theirs official. I got my name (I think, still got to check it out), and then what? I want to do it right, so I won't get in any legal trouble. Please list some basic guidelines to follow.
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    WOW!!! Cam Someone Help Me?????

    TJ (and other moderators), I was wondering why my thread got locked up??? http://www.tjsdjs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26348 Or can someone help me with this one.... :confused:
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    Clubs dats jumpin in Michigan???

    I need to have fun and witness some real dj's in action cuz I aint been to a club thats been off da hook in a minute...what a shame..... :( :D Let me know whats poppin up hurr in MI. :cool:
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    MOVING UNITS!??? Steps to success!!

    What up yall, I was wondering what everyones "steps to success" are, far as moving alot of units. I'm am guessing the main thing is having the connect on getting exclusive tracks is the key because a lot of the "famous" don't show much mixing ability, especially when it comes to rap and r&b...