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    Grupo Kual - Las Mujeres No Se Acaban (DJ Rebel Cumbia Party Extend)(97.5bpm)

    For all my latinos out there the get down with the cumbias! Grupo Kual Las Mujeres No Se Acaban 97.5BPM (Free Download) Follow me on soundcloud or fb for my latest remixes and mixes! https://soundcloud.com/dj-rebel-509/las-mujeres-no-se-acaban-dj http://www.facebook.com/DjRebelLive
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    whats up my tjsdjs fam? where are all our vets at? dablur,dj reb, dj codeman? holla

    are you guys still in the game? this site use to be the spot! where did u all go? lol
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    The Eels - I Need Some Sleep (DJ R3B3L 2012 Remix)(Im Backkkk)

    Well this was inspired by a few youtube remixes i seen...something simple but dope none the less. enjoy my peeps. I Need Some Sleep (Redrum Remix) The Eels DJ R3B3L Listen & Download Here: http://soundcloud.com/dj-rebel-509/i-need-some-sleep-dj-r3b3 New remixes & Mixes coming soon...
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    Pamela Chu (Cumbia Party Remix)(104) DJ Rebel is back ;)

    La cumbia con base de DJ Rebel is back on track my peeps...im trying to find my followers again...here's a freebie, share and enjoy! Pamela Chu (Cumbia Party Remix) Los Rebeldes De La Sierra DJ Rebel 509 104BPM http://www.4shared.com/mp3/iYRiIhZN/Pamela_Chu__104__Cumbia_Party_.html For more...
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    Lo Mejor De La Musica Tribal En Mexico! (DJ Rebel Mix)

    If you opened this thread then you know that this is the next big thing in the latin community! check out my mix...holla for the download link! http://soundcloud.com/dj-rebel-509/dj-rebes-live-tribal-mix-2011 Want extended tribal tracks? check this out!: http://www.thebeatfreakz.net/DJREBEL...
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    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen Rain (2011 Remix)

    Shout out to DJ Tygre, he's always looking for this kinda of stuff:cool: http://soundcloud.com/dj-rebel-509/have-you-ever-seen-rain-dj basic but i believe it gives it a fresher vibe.
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    Anybody Have Any Of My Old DJ Rebel Remixes???

    Hey guys i hoping that maybe some of our vets here have my following remixes: The Anthem (DJ Rebel Party Remix) feat. DJ Beatbreak Move Shake N Drop (DJ Rebel Party Remix) my HD crashed last year and i was able to recover most of my music but theres still a few that i haven't been able to...
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    Hey Baby (509 Party Remix) (DJ Rebel is backkkkkkkk)

    what up peeps! long time no post long time no remix...this will be my first remix in like 4 or 5 months. i've been going through some adjustments but slowly ima get back intot the game... this remix is top notch but its a start ha :D Pitbull Feat. T-Pain Hey Baby (509 Party Remix) 128BPM...
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    Ke$ha - Your Love is My Love "Party Bangaz Remix" WTF???????

    Check out the sample: http://www.yourremix.com/detail/index.cfm?nPID=20631 what does shaking it like a salt shaker have anything with love being a drug???? lmao
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    What are your thoughts/opinions on Joan & O'neill?

    hey what up peeps. just wanted to start a little discussion. over the past couple of weeks i've been grabbing tracks from Joan & O'neill and honestly i think this duo can be a stable force in the mainstream reggaeton market. both dudes got good flow and they have a knack for creating good...
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    La Macarena (2010 Dance Remix)(Fiya!! :D)(130BPM)

    What up peeps, well i was just listen to some tracks and i came upon a dance track which sounded like La macarena. so i was "lets mash that bitch!" :P. the track isn't really to hype up the crowd but its a good song to mix in every now and then. leave feedback mo fos! Preview...
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    DJ Rebel Presents: Pitbull's 2010 Summer Anthem (127BPM)

    Yo what up peeps, well here's a remix that took me a while to make. since the beat does not have any vocals and i had to pretty much create a song with samples. but i think the turn out sounds good. check it out. Pitbull's 2010 Summer Anthem 127BPM DJ Rebel 509 PREVIEW...
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    Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (509 Party Remix)(Flashback!)

    what up peeps here's a remix a did a while ago to one of my favorite karaoke songs :D. i just added some drums and sample some pitbull on it. DOWNLOAD N LEAVE FEEDBACK: http://www.4shared.com/file/96618629/4c8fe8b2/I_Will_Survive__Party_Remix_.html Add Me As A Friend To Receive The Latest...
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    Alexis Y Fido - Mi Musica Ehh (Electro Reggaeton Party Remix)(110BPM)

    what up peeps. well i here's an electro flow/electro reggaeton remix to Alexis Y Fidos "Mi Musica Ehh" i added a few more samples and extended it while also putting the dembow beat through the whole track. Preview: www.myspace.com/djrebel509 Download...
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    DJ Nelson Feat. Pitbull - Brincando Sin Parar (509 Party Remix)(125BPM)

    what up peeps, here's a remix i did of DJ Nelson's "Brincando Sin Parar". this club is doing damaged in latin clubs...check it out and leave some feedback Brincando Sin Parar (509 Party Remix) DJ Nelson 125BPM Preview: http://www.myspace.com/djrebel509 Download...