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    Top 20 reggaeton/riddims of all time?

    I just got a new gig and have had a lot of requests for reggae, reggaeton, and riddims however I'm not too familiar with the genre... I figured a list of 20 or so songs would be a good start... If you cant think of 20 Just list some of your faves please :) Thanx Brad
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    what cases are you guys using for the rane ttm mixers?

    i saw the rrttm56 case which is nice but a little expensive (150$). what are you guys throwing the ttm mixers in?
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    best needles for scratching?

    waddup I'm switching back to vinyl cuz I'm sick of spinnin hip hop on cdjs. I'm ordering the technics m5gs for sure but was wondering what everyones been scratching on these days... I used to use the sure m44 somethings (the white ones) but I'm sure there is something better. Seems like...
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    how often does crooklynclan.net have sales?

    i was on the other day and all tracks were 1.99 and today they are anywhere from 3 to 5 dollars. when can i find tracks on sale again i'm bummed...
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    Ableton Users Enter...

    wazzup, i've had ableton for over a year and i want to start getting serious with it. i can mix with it fine but i'd rather use turntables. i want to do remixes and improv loop jamming, but i've been putting it off for a while. i dont have a midi interface, controller, or keyboard and have...
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    Serato to Mixer to Speakers (mono or stereo)?????

    i have serato, cdj1000s, a pioneer djm800, and just got mackie srm450's. my question is in reference to stereo/mono. serato and the djm800 have stereo/mono options. from what i gather, i want mono out of my speakers because it has more warmth and is more forgiving. What would you do: run...
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    Your DJ Mixes

    When mixing hip-hop/rap live or at home, how often are you scratching into the next song?
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    To scratch or not to scratch ~ that is the question....

    hey guys. i've been mixing hip hop for about 2 years now (live in front of crowds of 300-600 people). but i don't scratch. when i got to the bigger cities it seems like all the dj's scratch into like every track. i go home and try it and scratch into a track every once and a while when i'm...