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    Major help needed

    Havent logged in here in a minute! but hey if you can CLICK HERE AND VOTE #MOONSTARCLOTHING http://thebarmag.com/houstonheadliners2011 ALL WEEK UNTIL 12-16-11 thanks for all who support, this is not spam...
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    Yung Nasa - Streets To The Stage

    One Of The Hottest Coming Out Of The H!!!
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    DC DA GREAT - Diddy **Party Record**

    This is basically a local record, gaining recognition, wanted to see what everyone thought. Take in mind it isn't hip hop or whatever people call it, its strictly a party record, feedback is GREATLY appreciated... let me know if a different link is needed...
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    Need Shirts? Or The Newest tees?

    Check us out @ www.moonstarclothing.com for the freshest t-shirt company coming out of houston or if you need promotional tees for you dj company or company for that matter we can get that done at cheap rates, email me @ moonstarclothing@gmail.com
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    **Good Deal 1000 biz cards & 5000 flyers, design

    WMC 2009 PROMO PACKAGE. WITH THIS PACKAGE YOU RECEIVE: 1000 full color 2 sided business cards with custom design THAT MUST MATCH the flyer. 5000 full color 2 sided 4 x 6 flyers with custom design THAT MUST MATCH the business cards. FULL CUSTOM DESIGNS with a limit of 2 revisions per...
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    Any Scratch Tutorials?

    anybody have any good scratch tutorials to learn various scratches?
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    D.O. - Im Throwed

    New single from my patna over at Swat Up Ent, just something to throw out as a single, let me know what you think, if possible leave feedback, feel free to use on mixtapes, mixshows or anything, straight out of Houston (S.W.A.T), hit me up for drops or mixtape hosting. this is just the...
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    Dj Marc West - Purple Dank Vol.1 (An Official West Tape)

    Purple Dank Vol.1....vol.2 coming soon and so forth, leave feedback if possible, hit me on djmarcwest@gmail.com for a different link Dj Marc West - Get Money Intro Get Ready Weststyle Slim Thug - B*tch Im Back Larro Speaks Bobby Creekwater - Rainman Tee Jewels Speaks Devin The Dude - In My...
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    2 of my latest tapes

    Mr. 4 5 1/2 r&b 1/2 rap, http://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01Fc2ZIT2I4Q1EwTVE9PQ King Of The Car Show: 84's Edition 4 new tracks, followed by an h-town mix https://www.yousendit.com/download/Q01Fc2ZGSWhLVlh2Wmc9PQ
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    Dj Marc West - Cross Fade The Green To C.R.E.A.M

    available on datpiff.com so check it out and let me know what you think, drop feedback
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    Does Anybody Want to Cop A Shirt

    yea, some may, some may not, know that ive been coming up with a few t-shirts, in order to begin my t-shirt company, but hey, here is the myspace www.myspace.com/moonstarclothing, here are a few pics, if you interested hit me on the pm or djmarcwest@gmail.com, i have a few more sizes left, jusst...
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    Two Dollar Thursdays At Krystal V.I.P (HOUSTON)

    If you in the Houston area, come out this thursday for 2 dollar drinks all night long.
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    Clothing Line

    3 other people and I have decided to start our own clothing line, at the moment we are just doing shirts, but we hope to expand in the future, here's the myspace, drop through, give feedback...add us as your friend, just stay tuned http://www.myspace.com/moonstarclothing
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    What is you shirt size?

    Ok, doing some research for this clothing line stuff im trying to jump into and all who participate, it would be really helpful. It would also be helpful if you drop your gender, age, and location. But basically like the poll states, what is your preferred shirt size?
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    Clothing Company Help Needed

    Ok, im probably gonna merge this with the making your company official thread, but i really needed some help with this. First, does anyone here venture into the clothing world or know about it, can you give me some tips or something? Next, what all procedures do i need to follow to make sure no...