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  • Hi Im just gettin back to the site after a while . Got any tips on using tjs these days ?
    I Also sent u a friend request .Maybe I could get a friend back ?
    i know, i heard something like victor something...but couldn't find anything with those lyrics...i tried looking for his tracklisting as well on his myspace and google...guess i have to go to the agent that booked him at my club for his bday....thanks
    I listened to those tracks you asked Kaijin about
    and idk but they said his name was "victor moe" > and new "o.x." on the other one..

    on dj selfish's music radio vol2 mixtape> try to find mixtape cover for tracklistng or contact him via myspace :D
    darn...i know you're an r&b man, hahahha...see if you can reach out to some ppl for me, thanks
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