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  • km!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or should I say your other name .......... hahaha jkjk
    wssssup my lil alcoholic ;)
    Good Point.. I never remember hearing it but who knows..

    When I listened to the track I heard DMX and his lyrics fit everything going on right now with him... guess the other part I didn't think about was that he was doing all the same stuff he was doing now at that same time!!! Nothing's changed except about 12 more arrests and traffic citations !!
    Mark Morrison Track........

    Wow.. I outdid myself on that one!

    I deleted it so I don't waste everyone's time.... and look like more of an idiot..lol!!!!

    I gotta get some sleep.....
    gettin it as I type. sucks how it leaked as quick as it did, that won't help him much.
    you got facebook? add me, adam stopins. talk to you soon...
    Hmm kk, i got 41 rep points atm...

    'you must spread some reputation before giving it to km again' LOL

    get back to my myspace pm bitch :)

    how about you upload that ringtone for me lol :D
    LOL I've always dreamed of a higher rep lol :D what's up with your rep all the sudden? :| 9?!
    good job on them spammers. I think those guys should be banned off the bat. lol.
    Hey bro'...

    Hahaha...yeah, don't worry, i saw that lil' remark in the Uness thread...hahaha...just haven't really had much time to "hang out" here lately...got this new online community coming out in a months time called "partystars.com", so that's been keeping me mad busy...had a heavy case of bronchitis and fever recently, which shut me down for 2 weeks and had me on antibiotics...then my girl had to go to hospital for a critical operation, she's quit her job too due to internal issues, plus there's been some drama within her family, so i've been looking after her lately, been a lil' too much for her all at once... :(

    Simultaneously i've been working on putting her debut EP and i-Shawn's new album together, plus i'm about to deliver a remix for TQ & Jagged Edge...working on getting Uness over to Switzerland in March/April...so yeah, i been busy dude! I'll try to get more involved, but i've just been forced to set priorities...

    How you been yourself?
    the board has some nice new features so that's dope, I'm busy with the social group thing, info coming
    keep a pm space open for me will ya, haha
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