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    We still can't change avatar?

    I've been MIA awhile but I noticed the avatars still can't be changed. That has been an issue for a long time now, and I'm tired of looking at a picture from like six years ago.. Lol.. Any word on getting it fixed, TJ? Thanks :D
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    David Guetta ft. Usher – Without You (Kaijin Remix) (2011)

    What's good, people! I haven't posted here in ages.. I've been extremely busy with music, work, life.. but anyway, here is my remix of Usher's new single! It's piano driven, with elements of electro, house, pop, and dubstep. Check it out and let me know what you think...
  3. Kaijin

    Shut It Down (After Tonight) (Prod. by Kaijin) (Dance/House/Electro Beat)

    I think this might be the best dance production I've ever done! I had a lot of fun sidechaining and filtering, basically.. everything! Check it out, and make sure to click 1080p to get HQ audio :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52mWBaxJfxw ENJOY! (Subscribe if you like!) - Kaijin
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    Welcome Home, Carah Faye (Prod. by Kaijin) (2011)

    I originally wanted to make a remix, but I could not find any usable Shiny Toy Guns acapellas. So, I decided to turn it into a tribute production for Carah Faye, now that she has returned with the band for the upcoming album "III" (Summer 2k11). It's basically a warm dance/pop production with...
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    Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) (Pop Remix) (Prod. by Kaijin)

    Step 1) Make a BEP-inspired production. Step 2) Decide to use an acapella and make it into MY FIRST EVER remix. Step 3) Use Melodyne to bring the vocals (closer) to the right pitch. I am aware some parts have severe out of tune issues (Fergie's verse), but the original was sung in a different...
  6. Kaijin

    JoJo - Hollywood (Tags)

    This song has some tags on it, but I have to share it.. JoJo killed it. It is so true, too! Labels will stop at nothing to destroy talent, just to make room for "talent." http://www.zshare.net/audio/844138292a549fd5/ This has become one of my favorite songs at the moment. If anybody has the...
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    I'm new to 'beat matching' and have a question.

    Don't hate me, lol.. I'm going to start remixing songs now (I've never done it before). My first track in mind is Nelly's 'Just A Dream.' I used MixMeister to determine the acapella's BPM, and it said 96.06, and I'm hoping it is accurate. Anyway, I want to make a dance remix to it. I'm lookin'...
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    A Pop Beat (Prod. by Kaijin)

    What up, fam? It's been awhile since I posted around these parts, but here is a new trance pop beat I produced. I just finished it tonight. Check it out and drop a comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKeEVsEUNew - Kaijin
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    Gregory Brothers / Antoine Dodson - Bed Intruder Song

    Have a taste of EPIC! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKsVSBhSwJg&list=SL
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    Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd, Twista - Make A Movie

    Does this mean Chamillionaire is back and actually going to release an album?! I remember awhile back he was feeding the media all this shit about him quitting music...he better not! This joint is solid...they all do their thing. I hope it isn't a single, though. 6/10...
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    Git Fresh - Rubbin & Touchin

    Nice midtempo rnb jam. I like it! 7/10. http://www.zshare.net/audio/7065448976c4e7c0/
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    Kaijin Productions - Halloween 2oo9

    I'm sure most of you have all ready got your halloween sets good and going.. sorry I'm cuttin it close.. been busy.. but I made a halloween beat for this year. It is so much better than the one I made last year, lol. The obvious sample includes the halloween theme, and I sample a piano riff...
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    I need help identifying the synth in Kesha - TiK-ToK

    Okay so I was listening to this song (catchy pop song, btw) and I loooove that bass/arp synth on the chorus. I've heard it used in other songs. Does anything know its name / which VSTi it comes with? I could murder a beat with it! Thanks in advance =D http://www.zshare.net/audio/6613338999b6c00d/
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    Is there a program that lets you arrange tracks on an mp3 cd?

    lol so i've just recently started burning mp3-setting cds (gives you about 110 tracks on it instead of 20) but I use Nero and for some reason it won't let me arrange the tracks under the mp3 setting... so everything is shuffled randomly. I hate this.. is there another program I can use to...
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    Kaijin Productions - It Always Begins With A Dream

    I've posted a new beat on my page, this time something out of the ordinary for my music. Give it a listen and interpret it in your own way. It kinda has an 80's rock / pop vibe to it.. that's how I hear it.. keep in mind it is next to impossible to make an actual ROCK song via the computer. It's...