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    Req: Filler Videos (silhouette's, etc)

    Does anyone know where to find what I call "Filler videos" which are basically just bullsh*t video silhouettes of girls dancing behind color curtains and stuff like that? I know you guys know what i'm talking about so I won't explain it too much. These would be the video's you'd play when you...
  2. Kid Krunk

    READ A MFin BOOK!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWqa7cbdOC8 Some of the funniest yet most true shit i've seen in a while!!
  3. Kid Krunk

    my new mixtape - give it a listen here!

    www.streetfamousmixtape.com Appreciate it fam!
  4. Kid Krunk

    D/L Spincycle Mixshow Ep 1&2 (over 4 hours total)

    What it do!! I just wanted to share the download links to my Spincycle Mixshow for you family!! If you just want to stream it (or preview it before you download it) visit www.spincyclemix.com and give it a listen!! STAY CONNECTED!!! SPINCYCLE IS COMIN' AT YOU WEEKLY!!! (feedback appreciated)...
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    Ever Has Serato Freeze!? >:(

    F*CKIN DAMNIT!! So i'm doing a show tonight as sort of an "audition" for this dudes clubs. I've got a lock down on the southside of my city and i'm unhappy with the owner where i'm at now so i'm lookin to go to his compitition....anyways....let's start off with my equipment... I run 2 numark...
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    Your #1 Myspace Mixshow!!

    www.spincyclemix.com Support ya boy!! If you have a myspace account (who doesn't these days) add me and stay connected!! The link above will redirect you straight to the Spincycle Mixshow myspace page. Add this banner to your myspace page too if you have the room, i'd really appreciate it...
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    F---in' Rapidshare!!!

    Ok, this has been pissing me off for a while now and I just have to vent for a minute.... FU*K RAPIDSHARE!!!! LOL ok now that I have that out of my system, I can explain why... My work has blocked file hosting websites so I can no longer keep up with the new stuff here on TjsDjs unless I do...
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    If U Need Drops - EMAIL ME ASAP

    What's up Fam? If you need drops from The Hip-Hop Junkies - Showtime and myself (Dj Epic Stylez), we will be in the studio this weekend and we can definitely knock them out for you. Email me ASAP with the info you want included in your drop and we will have them sent back to you as soon as...
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    Need Help - What CD is this on?!?

    There was a CD put out maybe 4-5 years ago...I want to say maybe 3-6 mafia or a similar group...there was a skit on the cd that went something like this....it was a dude and this chick havin sex and she kept sayin... "you gonna give it to me? you gonna give it to me? is it mine?" and it would...
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    Karaoke King Fred Marshall! (ROTFLMFAO!!!)

    http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=camkaraoke This dude is my new hero! LMFAO!!!
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    I'm feelin the new layout TJ!!!

    Yo TJ, the new layout looks good homie!! Nice stuff!
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    ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF!!! (Listen to my live mix)

    I've noticed a lot of new faces since my return to tjsdjs.com! I've been MIA for a minute from the online scene...been doin my local thing, u know? HERE IS A TOTALLY LIVE MIX FOR YA!!! This one is fun! Full of new, old, and mixed genres!! Lemme know what you think!!! If you are at work, throw...
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    What It Do Bit*hes!? :)

    What's up FAM?!? Been a minute since i've rolled through here...stuff's been mad crazy! Had some personal stuff to work out, and now i'm movin back up the ladder on some new shit! First off, my new organization "Epic Entertainment" is taking part in it's first concert this weekend for Indiana...
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    Kid Krunk on www.mixtaperadio.net homepage!!

    What up fam!? Check out www.mixtaperadio.net and cop that "Mixtaperadio.net Volume 1 Mixtape (aka Fusion vol. 1)!!! Preview most of it on the homepage!! :) Holla at ya boy! www.mixtaperadio.net
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    Re-Launch of WWW.KIDKRUNK.COM

    What do you guys think of my new layout? Ignore the content of pages such as links, calendar, etc...I haven't updated them yet from my old website, but what do you think of the general layout? My Mixtapes area is complete and i've still got a good amount of pictures to add to the picture...