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    JP Izzalap - Be Like That (Clean/Dirty)

    JP Izzalap "Be Like That" Alabama Artist/Producer JP Izzalap shows he is one to look out for with his new song "Be Like That" delivering a catchy chorus and hard hitting uptempo beat showing how it just be like that sometimes. Download the new single below. CLEAN...
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    JP Izzalap-Levels (Rmx)

    An exclusive verse from JP Izzalap from the upcoming mixtape, Got 2, I will post the single for everyone once its released download link in description http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqbttOT1MKI&feature=youtu.be
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    Mr Comerica-BIG MONEY

    http://www.hulkshare.com/ocbfv7kh93b4 Mr Comerica-BIG MONEY (Prod by PureBread)
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    E-Mac- I Go Hard Doe (Florida) (Video/Download)

    http://www.downsouthhits.com/e-mac/1725 E-Mac aka The Future of Florida. Reppin from Central Florida down to Miami, E-Mac brings you his first single, “I Go Hard Doe” (produced by Yung Sam) from his upcoming mixtape “DEAF TO MY ENEMIES” hosted by Southern Smoke / DJ Smallz and DJ ShureFire...
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    Fatt Sack- I gotta 9 On Me (5 on it rmx) VIDEO & DL

    Ridge Ave Ent Fatt Sack- I gotta 9 On Me (5 on it rmx) VIDEO & DL Contact 770 789 3153 ashley 9 ON IT LISTEN/DL: www.downsouthhits.com/songs/09-9onme-FattSackk.mp3 9 ON IT OFFICIAL VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyIpKlMRKMw tyIpKlMRKMw
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    Cant Fuck Wit Me- Fatt Sack (Prod by PureBread Productions)

    http://soundcloud.com/purebreadproductions/cant-fuck-wit-me-fatt-sack Fatt Sack raw with it this is a new 2011 leak for his upcoming mixtape "on the run" lookout for other mixtape Free Robert Broughton on www.purebreadproductions.com/mixtapes
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    New hard jeezy/ross style beat "QuickMoves"

    http://bit.ly/nf69oy QUICK MOVES FIRST ONE THAT PLAY
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    PureBread Productions

    official beats www.purebreadproductions.com or www.soundclick.com/purebreadproductions heat all day
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    Majesty feat JP Fire Flame Spittas Rmx

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    Jap feat Alley Boy "BLOW DAT"

    Jap feat Alley Boy "BLOW DAT" http://www.downsouthhits.com/jap-blow-dat-feat-alley-boy-sandhill-ent/809
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    NEW VA The Mobster -1st Stage Of A Riot (MHE Music Group)

    Brand new Brand mixtape from @VaTheMobster 1st Stage Of A Riot (MHE MUSIC GROUP) http://www.downsouthhits.com/?p=759
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    Zo Da Dose- RED N BLACK (I got Georgia!) Hit(Radio/Dirty)

    ZO DA DOSE - RED N BLACK ( BABY I GOT GEORGIA!) RED N BLACK RADIO: http://www.downsouthhits.com/songs/RedNBlack(radio)-ZoDaDose.mp3 RED N BLACK DIRTY: http://www.downsouthhits.com/songs/RedNBlack_Dirty_ZoDaDose.mp3 For booking/ promo material contact: (706) 615-7942 contact@downsouthhits.com
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    D. Kelly- Feelin You (this one buzzin)

    DOWNLOAD HERE: http://downsouthhits.com/songs/DKelly-FeelinYou.mp3 D. Kelly - Feelin You (produced by PureBread Productions) see em featured at http://www.downsouthhits.com/hitlist-d-kelly-feelin-you/667 TeFANr1wdXA
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    Beats and contest (WIN 50 CDS PRINTED)

    www.PureBreadProductions.com whats good yall I been producing for a minute and posting songs on this forum but just now came on the producer forum I have a contest going on as well where you can receive 50 printed cds of yours
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    Hard ass dj pool looking for originators

    PM for more information.. many benefits in being apart of