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    hello everyone , I 'm looking for an old school DANCEHALL by Cassie D with the Track Title " Do u know where u goin' to " i've been searching for this for a very long time , any help would be Greatly Appreciated . Thanks in advance
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    Teddy Pendergrass Believe In Love (Phat Phili Mix)

    my old time fave soul singer Mr.Teddy Pendergrass- Believe In Love (Phat Phili Mix).mp3 5.8 MB https://mega.nz/#!rhd3HIqD key-!TZrSDI4H8nBMk2tAyWDZyBnSkEmF9OpGUrtAww3CyHI
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    Alliance Ethnik-Respect yourself-dj style rmx

    Alliance Ethnik-Respect yourself(dj style rmx).mp3 5.7 MB https://mega.nz/#!vs0HhaxD pass-!qNAq_ScMurrlofRkd8TrK68fCoTMd2fTeOx1V_BjzRE
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    Shalamar-Second time around(dj style edit)

    Shalamar-Second time around(dj style edit).mp3 5.0 MB https://mega.nz/#!XtclnIqB pass-!dGJq2j-a2Z8TJhu5aDSob3qtL09AhwnX6oLmJ_KShxg
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    The real thing you to me are everything (eddy_silver_and_mike_djs

    The real thing you to me are everything (eddy_silver_and_mike_djs).mp3 9.0 MB https://mega.nz/#!Ks0F0JSZ enjoy fellaz , show some love pass-!NKuOk8qAxZrHv8eTRedx2VaojsP_s10DsM2dKRIVMWs
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    Stevie Wonder-Love light in flight(dj style)

    Credit goes to the one and only Dj Style -Stevie Wonder-Love light in flight(dj style).mp3 5.8 MB https://mega.nz/#!m1k2HZpS PASS-!fLx4IMFLgWkQlNm-UYnfJY8eoEfyq3cB6o6TPQRxVho
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    Andre Delange - A Friend (C&J R&B Mix)

    Andre Delange - A Friend (C&J R&B Mix) 103 BPM.mp3 5.1 MB https://mega.nz/#!upcniBrI PASS-!3fnGVz5NWVZoms72kKV45yNeHihLz-CazV6cSL3X8ZU
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    Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam-Let the beat hit em

    .Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam-Let the beat hit em(Stilez Ali re-edit).mp3 9.1 MB https://mega.nz/#!K4dnRARJ PASS-!PnsPK7rDKfrRlnIxqTZ4MhF4CcG1JddpwFT7wmwmdDc
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    Jodeci-Cherish-DJ Fresh classic rmx

    Jodeci-Cherish-DJ Fresh classic rmx 4.3 MB https://mega.nz/#!e59DjYSS PASSWORD-!OBmpcCPBhsjtDoH3lBZPoYtvKqt3ffd1zXGW9i69EQ8
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    Would I Lie To You (M.Flash Remix)

    101BPM Charles & Eddie - Would I Lie To You (M.Flash Remix) (1992).mp3 8.4 MB https://mega.nz/#!alMmWJzK
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    Dreamteam - Lovefever - Vol.02

    Dreamteam - Lovefever - Vol.02.rar 157.6 MB https://mega.nz/#!dBITEbSI
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    DREAMTEAM REMIX - Lovefever vol.1

    Dreamteam - Lovefever - Vol.01.rar 167.6 MB https://mega.nz/#!4M5ChS7J password-!byJNxkVvX8_8v44PHDb__1Pvfi_Hy7ANX7ZVz0EG0H4
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    Request for "USA Mix"

    i am looking for this remix for Ages, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Cooltimes mix

    i just Rip it from my old cd , convert it from Audio to mp3 format , i forgot the title of this particular track .05 Track 5.wma 5.1 MB https://mega.nz/#!70FxBbaI-password-!vb1vZkFXFrs64orzQBg-93QvBwwF8G7fd8hNaFSnTkQ ,here's another one with unknow title -08 Track 8.wma 3.9 MB...
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    Funk Gems mix

    10-Justin Timberlake funk gems mix.mp3 4.1 MB https://mega.nz/#!fhdlDK7I- password-!1kDOgFCO9kGJFHRsyvq8c5ro_PBlyX-XqyoKtumoBBE TLC Hands up Dj Reggie rmx.mp3 5.4 MB https://mega.nz/#!i9clka6D-password-!ZtYnVmbkN6hU9OuoikDBt6H06O_vxGNjc4Jy2QaP9_Q
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    Funk Gems remix

    i only have a few tracks of em ' . i am really sure some of u guys has the rest of it .06-Nivea Don't mess with my man Dj Reggie rmx.mp3 5.2 MB https://mega.nz/#!7x9giR7b
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    Request for "Funk Gems Mix"

    Anyone got this Issue ? the creator of this remix is Dj Reggie from Australia .