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    fat man scoop - "whos fuckin tonight" acapella?

    im no longer with av8 so i dont have access to the vaults any more, wondering if anyone has the full fat man scoop acapella where he says "whos fuckin tonight"?
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    DAWSON DJ PACK 06 (25 Tracks) March 2014

    https://mega.co.nz/#!e5xgxAKS!YVO7p8aTilXfB8spihtHAFJ0qiMSIfJZSbsuLdXEJo8 A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Dawson Edit) 130 BPM.mp3 Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Dawson Edit) 126 BPM.mp3 Che Fu - Chains (Dawson Edit) 90 BPM.mp3 Chris Brown, Lil Wayne - Loyal (Dawson Dirty Edit) 99...
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    Dawson DJ Pack 05 (25 Tracks) FEB 2014

    https://mega.co.nz/#!jghSFA7D!fLve-qlmGoUSyiGUQHSCavOJsaxnpAJ5im5pEwH47EA Borgore, Paige - Wild Out (Dawson No Rap Edit) 132 BPM Chris Brown - Show Me (Dawson Twerk Edit) 100 BPM Disclosure, BBD - When The Poison Starts To Burn (Dawson Short Edit) J Cole - Cant Get Enough (Dawson 2014 Edit)...
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    BOOTY CAMP - First Drill (Twerk Mix) Feb 2014

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    STDJs Summer Foam Party Promo Mix (Multigenre)

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    Dawson dj pack 04

    http://pastebin.com/FTHtM8Rh Baby Bash - Na Na (Dawsons Extended Mix) 110 BPM Beyonce ft Sean Paul - Baby Boy (Dawson Intro) 91 BPM Cash Cash - Satellites (Dawson Edit) 128 BPM DJ Fresh, Rita Ora - Hot Right Now (Dawson Bootleg) 176 BPM DJ Snake - Turn Down For What (Dawson Edit V1) 100 BPM Dr...
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    Martin Garrix, Victor Niglio - Animals (Dawson Twerk VIP Edit V1) 95 BPM

    https://soundcloud.com/dfbpurcell/animals-dawson-twerk-vip-edit early edit of the victor niglio twerk vip
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    DAWSON DJ Pack 03 (25 tracks)

    https://mega.co.nz/#!KkAHkSbC!Zt6SOR94jErJTh66QSEtLGiAyOt4dZxJnSmuaj3hHWs DAWSON DJ PACK 03.rar (203.6 MB) 50 Cent - Disco Inferno (Dawson Intro) 97 BPM 50 Cent ft Olivia - Candy Shop (Dawson Intro) 98 BPM Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (Dawson Intro) 69 BPM Big Sean - Beware (Dawson Edit)...
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    DAWSON DJ PACK 02 (25 DJ Friendly Edits & Remixes)

    213 - Groupie Luv (Dawson Intro) 097 BPM A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Dawson Edit) 130 BPM Bitches On My Mind (Dawson Bootleg) 152 BPM Black Eyed Peas - My Hump (Dawson Intro) 124 BPM Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved (Dawson Edit) 105 BPM Chris Brown - Dont Wake Me Up (Dawson Bootleg) 130...
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    40min Trap & Hip Hop Mix For Pato (Mixed by Dawson)

    https://www.facebook.com/dfbpurcell/posts/582995965079093 free download, leave a comment!
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    Dawson dj pack 01

    ATTENTION DJS! There has been a lot of demand for me to upload packs of remixes and DJ-friendly edits rather than single links, so after a very long time I'm finally saying goodbye to Zippyshare, and hello to MEGA - where there are no restrictions on file size or traffic. From now on I'll be...
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    Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music (Dawson 2013 Edit) 127 BPM

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    Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Dawson 2013 Edit) 128 BPM [AV8 RECORDS]

    Coming out on AV8 Records. Free Download for TJsDjs! http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/7158361/file.html
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    Chris Brown - Dont Wake Me Up (Dawson Bootleg) 130 BPM [AV8 RECORDS 2012]

    Drops on AV8 this weekend, free download until then! http://www.facebook.com/dfbpurcell
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    Dawson dubstep minimash 02 (75 bpm)

    For the past 6 months or so people have asked me to record this after seeing me do it live, so finally i've got around to dong a studio version. 10 artists crammed into 5 minutes. Skrillex, Borgore, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, DJ Fresh, Flux Pavilion, Gary Go, Doctor P, Dev, Sian Evans...
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    Other Remix Forums?

    I'm looking for other places to share my edits and mixes. As mentioned previously, a few years ago this used to be THE place for DJs to share music. Just wandering where everyone went? I've struggled to find other DJ forums, but surely people must have migrated somewhere!
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    Dawson Extended Mixes & Edits From The Last 5 Years

    Here's a bunch of random mixes and edits i've done over the last 5 years. Extended intros for DJs. Add me on Facebook UPDATED 2013/02/04 - Sort By Date! ;) SINGLE LINKS http://www.zippyshare.com/dfbpurcell DAWSON ALL IN ONE PACK PACK BY DA BLUR (49 EDITS)...
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    128 BPM - A Milli - Lil Wayne (Dawsons Drop Bitch! Mix) 16 Bar Intro

    http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/85337218/file.html 128 BPM - A Milli - Lil Wayne (Dawsons Drop Bitch! Mix) 16 Bar Intro.mp3
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    Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (Dawsons Extended Mix) 95 BPM

    http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/84396150/file.html feedback please. might do something with the middle of the song
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    Mix Dawsons Drugstep Trip (WTFSTEP OCTOBER 2011)