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    DJ WataBoy Presents " The 2007 SmackBack of the Year!! "

    DJ WataBoy bringing you the 2007 Smackback of the Year!! This was a young wipper snapper at my b-day gathering. This fool thought he could he could match my Patron shots with his Crown Royal Shots:confused:!! Well you tell me how it turned out. I'm the dude in the red! Check it out and you...
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    Where My Louisiana DJs At..?

    Say, All the Bayou DJs get at me, tryna see if we can get a Louisiana Record Breakers Association put together sometime in the near future. Bring all that Jig and Bounce music to the forefront. Let em see how we get down ya dig... Get at ya boy... Lake Charles Stand Up... Imma Hold It Down...
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    Business Ecard Script...

    Does anyone know how to write Business Ecard Scripts for sending email blasts. I need some help with this. Trying to send my webpage subscribers ECards with my company updates, Mixtapes, Mixdvds, and party flyers. Thanks in advance....
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    Attn: I My Artists, Promoters, & DJs Out There!!!

    Attention All My Artists, Promoters, & DJs Out There: I drop MixTapes & MixDvDs from Louisiana to Tokyo and if you want to get featured on one of my MixTapes or MixDvDs get at my manager, Michael Fuselier. You can Submit your feature to either wataboyrecords@yahoo.com or djwataboy@hotmail.com...
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    DJ WataBoy Advertisement...

    This was a lil advertisement I put together a lil while ago.
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    DJ WataBoy Straight Outta Rachet City!!!

    What it do, This is DJ WataBoy Posting in from Japan bruh, anyone tryna network get at me... I'll be back in the states in 3 months (San Antonio). Hola back..one..:eek: Wata International DJs The Record Breakers Click WataBoy Records