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    R&B/SOUL Music Producer Wanted

    I have a female model who is looking to change directions and pursue her singing career. She's VERY beautiful and marketable and lives in Detroit. For those of you that are confident about your R&B tracks, leave us some links to your music. Looking to lease for demos and possibly purchase...
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    I've been using www.hitsquad.com for years.
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    Jazmine Bailey Update

    http://www.tjsdjs.com/forums/showthread.php?p=544743#post544743 Those who have never been to my website BEATBANGER.COM have missed out on my artist JAZZY. I will be uploading new music from her real soon! Meanwhile get her INDIE CD on ITUNES or CD BABY. Search for OH JAZZY This song...
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    R&b Instrumentals Wanted

    Hey, Anybody know where I can find current R&B instrumentals posted here/online? I've tried to search feature but didn't come up with much.
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    Fuze Magazine - New Urban Music Indie Mag

    I'm looking for writers to provide content/interview artists/review products Artists/Representatives- Please provide a PROFESSIONAL EPK as this magazine has a high standard of content presentation. Images must be high-resolution (minimum 200dpi) to be featured. DJs - I am featuring you as...
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    * New Indie-music Magazine Coming*

    Sup talented ones and fans of good indie music. Just wanted to give you all a heads up of something FRESH and needed. I haven't updated my site in a while (like last April), due to the fact that everybody jumped on the "promote YOURSELF on Myspace" bandwagon and I started getting more MODEL...
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    Anybody heard of / know where I can download that song by T-PAIN, Brandon T. Jackson and a few other cats... they say something like PUT ME IN YOUR TOP 8 in the hook????
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    Jazmine Bailey - MAKEUP (MAKE UP SONG) RNB

    I featured this artist in April and she got an outstanding response from fans of my site and major labels. Produced by my homie GOLDEN EYE. Leave some good feedback so we can encourage her to keep singing cuz she's trying to sell this to Beyonce. :eek: :confused...
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    I've requested to join the pool 2 times but got no response. Please email me at info@beatbanger.com. Sorry I brought it hear but I'd really like to know what's good. Fuze