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    Name & Number of Distribution Companies???

    Does anyone know of a good list of distribution companies and/or have any recommendations. I am working with a southern artist who has sold nearly 175,000 in his career and is looking for a distributor.
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    A Rapper Name Fast or F.A.S.T. out of Florida???

    I'm looking for some information on this rapper name Fast or F.A.S.T. out of Florida. I downloaded one of his songs f/ Smoke of Field Mob from a website that had 850 in the domain like a year or two ago. I think it was 850hiphop or something similar. Anyways because his rap moniker is also a...
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    Before You Give Up On Condoms Try.....

    Try the other flavors. Y'all do know AIDS is real right. http://theprivatepharmacy.com/products/condoms/product_list.htm My boy wasn't big on condoms, until I put him on the Thins.