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    Mix Blenda Sound - Lil' 2014 Trap Mix

    Here's our latest mix filled with chopped up vocals, rolling snares and 808 basslines: http://soundcloud.com/blendasound/lil-2014 Enjoy!
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    NEW Prince Zimboo HEH! - Blenda Sound Remix & Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FgIGVhYQLw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FgIGVhYQLw Brand new remix and video from Blenda Sound.
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    Free Mastering

    Greetings, We're offering a track to be mastered for free as an introduction to our services. Last year we mastered over 400 tracks and we got good experience in working with different styles of music. Preferably the track should be a wav with 3-6db of headroom and in at least 44.1khz/24bit...
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    Rihanna - Rude Boy - Blenda Sound Remix

    Our highly anticipated and much asked for remix of Rihannas Rude Boy. Download it here for free: http://www.blendasound.com/downloads/ Feel free to play it, share it, blog it, twitter it! Feedback are more than welcome.
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    Million Stylez - Supastar - Blenda Sound Remix

    We're proud to present our first official remix. Very happy to work with Million and the result turned out to be this dancehall/ukfunky banger. Download it here for free: http://www.blendasound.com/downloads/ 100% approved for playin, sharin, bloggin, twitterin.. Feedback are more than...
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    Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi - That Tree RMX

    Our remix of Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi - That Tree, any feedback are 100% welcome. Listen here. If you like it, please vote. Maximum Respekt Blenda Sound
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    Is mixing stopping your creative flow?

    No worries, just send me your tracks and I'll mix them for you! I'm a educated sound engineer specialized in Hip Hop, Reggae/Dancehall and RnB. I'll mix your tracks with Pro Tools in an acoustic treated studio, using high end plug-ins and studio monitors. No problem if you work with another...