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  1. DJWheelMasteRob

    *****the Million Dj March****important

    THE MILLION DJ MARCH "IF NOT ONE, THEN NOTHING" Washington D.C – DJs from all over the world will gather together for the very 1st Million DJ March. The "Million DJ March is a movement implemented by organizer A. Shaw. The march is expected to take place from August 27 -30 2008. Disc jockeys...
  2. DJWheelMasteRob

    ***J. Balvin - Extasi Feat. Jowell***

    Musica Latino Urbano sigue creciendo...Vamos a seguir apoyando a todos estos nuevos artistas.... Si no saben quien es J. Balvin......Levantense and check this shit out!!!!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/ehxiei DJ Wheel Master Rob www.djwheelmaster.com XM Satellite Radio FUEGO XM90 PERREO MIX...
  3. DJWheelMasteRob

    Nitro New Track

    Thats Right, NITRO is kicking stronger than ever.... Para que Aprendan!!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/uobbha DJ Wheel Master Rob www.djwheelmaster.com XM Satellite Radio FUEGO XM90 PERREO MIX Wed 10PM (EST) & Sat 9PM (EST) www.myspace.com/djwheelmasterrob WuTang Latino "Needle Breakerz Crew"
  4. DJWheelMasteRob

    **NEW** Kilates 1 "Digital Remixes"

    New CD from Diamond Music, the makers of "12 Discipulos", recently released for 2007 KILATES 1, DIGITAL REMIXES. For all of you real Latin Urban heads, guess who did all of the remixes? Available for purchasing: http://www.audiolunchbox.com/album?a=157405...
  5. DJWheelMasteRob

    Reggaeton Push Back in the Northeast U.S.

    For those of you in the Providence R.I. area...expect Reggaeton toning down. DJ WheelMaster ----------------------- By Jackie Madrigal Tropical WKKB (Latina)/Providence MD Darvin García has been upped to PD, replacing Juan D. González, who recently exited. García's plans for the...
  6. DJWheelMasteRob

    Perreo Mix only on XM Satellite Radio 90

    This is the BEST Latino Hip Hop/Reggaeton Show in the planet!!!!! Tune in XM Radio 90 to the Perreo Mix show. Sabados a las 9PM (Eastern Standard Time) The best remixes and best Latino Turntablism all UNCENSORED!! Remember, XM Satellite Radio has 40 more channels than...
  7. DJWheelMasteRob

    Freestyle Best DJs

    Waddup peeps, I was just voted one of the best freestyle DJs in the WORLD!! by MIC MAC RECORDS... This CD was just released. I had to beat hundreds of mother fuckers to get on this CD!! The cool thing was that I saw it at our local Best Buy yesterday... Im on track #6 on Disk 2 Here...
  8. DJWheelMasteRob

    **NEW** Who's This (WheelMaster) TURNTABLISM!!!

    Lets seperate the DJs from the DJs.... Someone needs to have a comeback for this.... New Exclusive Track Turntablism & Reggaeton All The Way!!!!! Rob
  9. DJWheelMasteRob

    The end of internet radio July 12?

    Folks... Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. Late this afternoon, the court DENIED the emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, millions of listeners and the artists and music they support. UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS BY JULY 15th, the new ruinous royalty rates will be going...
  10. DJWheelMasteRob

    Emergencia - Karlo & Johnny Prez (NEW!!)

    Emergencia - KaroL & Johnny Prez (NEW!!) This song is hot, check out the exclusive... Karol & Johnny Prez The Top R, The Radio Show, 105.3FM La Casa Mundial Del Reggaeton Rumba Stereo www.rumba.com.co Sabados de 11AM - 2PM
  11. DJWheelMasteRob

    Latin Turntablism PART TWO!!

    I can scratch more shit other than just rectangle records, while Shitting my own beats. Pistoleo, I have some lunch money to take to your school while you go study to bring home good grades... I hope you are taking a higher development english course....The name is WHEELMASTER... The Top R...
  12. DJWheelMasteRob

    Play that beat - Johnny Prez

    TJS Team... Algo diferente, pero trantando de mezclar lo viejo y lo nuevo. Suena como que le falta que algien le haga un remix! WheelMaster
  13. DJWheelMasteRob

    Any Reggaeton DJs Wanna Battle?

    Just sharing part of Saturdays mix show on the "Top R, The Radio Show" 105.3 FM Bogota. I went back a few calendars but the turntablism is modern!!! http://www.yousendit.com/download/YWhNeUNESEJwM2w1VEE9PQ Peace out, La Casa Mudial del Reggaeton! DJ Wheel Master Rob www.djwheelmasterrob.com...
  14. DJWheelMasteRob

    Tony Dize Quizas (Acapella)

    Here you go my peeps... Enjoy peace out... Another acapella for your collection...Enjoy peace out... WheelMaster 105.3FM Rumba Stereo La Casa Mundial Del Reggaeton The Top R The Radio Show www.myspace.com/djwheelmasterrob
  15. DJWheelMasteRob

    Colombianos in the house

    Fellas.... Any of you all from Colombia? Im down here in Bogota promoting my latest Cd "BIEN PERREAO" with Rumba Stereo 105.3FM and since I dont know that many folks down here, I was hoping someone throw me a bone...Let me know .... the Big Reggaeton Party is this Saturday Dec 23....If your...
  16. DJWheelMasteRob

    DIMELO SCRATCH (Turntablism Reggaeton)

    DAMELO SCRATCH (Turntablism Reggaeton) Thank you to Don Omar, D. Yankee, InoCentes, Lil John, Liante, Tonny V, DJMJ, Calle 13, MasterJoe, Tito El Bambino, Perrealo.com (Heist), Rico and Indie Street Latino for making turntablism come alive to Reggaeton. Enjoy Fellas and ladies......Dont...
  17. DJWheelMasteRob

    Reggaeton & Latin Hip Hop

    Tuesday Nights 8PM to 10PM (EST) Show repeated Saturday 5 to 7PM (EST) Where: wcmradio.com What: Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop show "Reggaeton Mas Reggaeton" Its FREE!
  18. DJWheelMasteRob

    New Reggaeton Radio Station "WCMRadio"

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Brand new Internet Radio Reggaeton Mix Show called "Reggaeton Mas Reggaeton" For more information go to: http://wcmradio.com/ Starting April 18, 2006, Every Tuesday night from 8PM to 10PM (EST) and it will be re-played on the weekend at a time to be later...
  19. DJWheelMasteRob

    Gettin Schooled - Reggaeton Style!

    Brand New CD out. I have uploaded track 13 for the TJSDJS gang and to let you know to be aware. I will let the FULL track speak for it self. The CD is full of remixes and like LL Cool Jay says "Battle anybody I dont care who you tell" Enjoy, DJ Wheel-Master Rob
  20. DJWheelMasteRob

    The Peter Rosenberg Show

    Today on www.1067freefm.com at 10AM The radio station will debut my intro to the Peter Rosenberg Show. It is 25 second of spicy Hip Hop mix of DJ WHEELMASTER ROB. He comes on right after the Junkies. If you get a chance, check it out. The show is aired live Monday thru Saturday 10AM to...