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    Blame it (Jamie Foxx) Vs. B Boys in the Cut

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    Parliament Funkadelic VS. Hey Ladies

    Here is Motor Booty Affair Remixed with Hey Ladies copy and paste to browser- beastiemixes.com/download.php?id=1727&chk=g7rb
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    Brr Stick EM -Lucid Dream Remix

    here is my remix for Beastie Boys Brr Stick Em-Lucid Dream Remix all instruments recorded live (sept Drums) beastiemixes.com/download.php?id=2293&chk=fj9f
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    GS WAvetable Synth

    Does Anybody know how to get the Gs Wavetable synth to work in Acid 6?I can bring it up but I can't change the patch.