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  1. PAP

    Presentation of Mixtape CDs and/or CD Singles

    When you’re ready to press up your latest mixtape and/or CD single for distribution (rather it being for sale or for promotional purposes) which factors do you consider? For example: 1. overall price/CD 2. overall presentation of CD 3. Both of the above For me a quality mixtape cover is...
  2. PAP

    Want some air time?

    Check it out, I'm going to be traveling for a good month and was looking for guest djs for my weekly 1 hour (50 min to be exact) radio show that is featured on one of the fastest growing internet radio stations the6.fm If your interested or need more info please hit me up at mixnpap@gmail.com...
  3. PAP

    DJ PAP's Farewell Mixtape

    Here's my Farewell mix that will drop mid January 20 Tracks --> 40 minutes (mixtape cover coming soon!!!!) As always I'm open to your feedback so if you could please drop some feedback. Thanks PAP http://www.mediafire.com/?1c9fstgzn41 1 Static - Catch A Wave 2 Gucci Man - Aw Man 3 Gucci...
  4. PAP

    Dj Pap --> Oldschool House Mixes

    I finally got around to converting some of my old Chicago house mixes from cassette to mp3. check them out.................. Just "Right Click" & "Save As" the following links below or check out http://www.alfasii.com/dj_pap_mixtapes.htm As always feedback is appreciated...
  5. PAP

    DJ PAP --> Hatter's 2007 Autumn Mixtape

    DJ PAP --> Hater's 2007 Autumn Mixtape Here's my latest mixtape for a November 16th release. Check it out and as always feedback is appreciated. JUST "RIGHT CLICK" AND "SAVE AS" THE THE LINK BELOW http://www.alfasii.com/dj_pap_hatters_2007_autumn_mix.mp3 Click here for the mixtape cover...
  6. PAP

    DJ PAP Presents Hustle Season Vol 1 [Free Download]

    Check out this latest mixtape featuring tracks from Durty Bo Dean & Jiggolo lot of these tracks are even posted here on TJSDJS Couldn't get the mixtape cover to post right so here is the link Here is the track list and download link is below FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED..... 1 Intro...
  7. PAP

    Dj Pap Rockstar Mixtape

    What’s good fam? Here is my latest mix available for download…. Please let me know what you think… Thanks PAP http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SAP5ENI8 http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7452/djpapmixtapecover500x50hl4.jpg 1. Da Shop Boyz - Rock Star 2. Hurricane Chris - Ay Bay Bay 3. Fat Joe...
  8. PAP

    DJ PAP October Mix [Free Download]

    The download link is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fpy6ni Leave feedback if you like Enjoy 1 Kelis Ft. Nas - Blindfold Me 2 E-40 Ft. UGK & Juelz Santanna - White Girl 3 Sexy Ladies/Let Me Talk To You 4 DJ Khaled Ft. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, PittBull - Holla At Me Baby 5...
  9. PAP

    Simon Phoenix - Get Money

    Here a new track by my boy Simon Phoenix representing the Midwest (J-TOWN). http://rapidshare.de/files/29319309/Simon_Phoenix_-_Get_Money.mp3.html Check out his new track – Get Money. Please leave feedback. For more info on Simon Phoenix hit me up at mixnpap@comcast.net
  10. PAP

    Various DJ PAP Edits

    Various DJ PAP Edits What’s good people? Here are some tracks I edited. 75 - Citty - Cookie Man 84 - Kelis Ft. Too Short - Bossy 84 - Young Joc - It's Goin Down 87 - Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne - Gimme That (remix) 87 - Gucci Mane Ft. Mac Bre-Z - Go Head 88 - Chris Brown - Yo 88 - Gucci...
  11. PAP

    Chicago Land Djs - Are you looking for a Guest DJ Spot?

    Chicago Land Djs Are you looking for a Guest DJ Spot? Alfa’s II located in Joliet IL is currently filling their Friday Night Guest DJ openings. We are looking for Hip Hop and Reggaeton DJs to perform a 1-hour set. If you’re interested (or have any questions) in being a Guest DJ at one...
  12. PAP

    Pitbull – Ya Better Listen

    I didn’t see this posted anywhere, so here it is Pitbull – Ya Better Listen A bit different for Pitbull, a track to sit back to It kind of reminds me of William Devaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got Please leave feedback http://www.speedyshare.com/858568676.html
  13. PAP

    Promo Request

    Does anyone have.... Gangsta by Daddy Yankee Ft. Snoop I heard it the other day.... it's hot Thanks PAP