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    Latin Remix Kings Bachata Pack

    http://www.mediafire.com/?8z9uf7awd2epdvl Here's a few songs from the best latin remix website online. I have a lot more remix so if you want to trade a few hit me up at the email provided below. maxspeed017@yahoo.com
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    Happy New Year 2009

    Happy New Year Everybody and wish everyone the best of luck in this upcoming year and hope all your dreams come true.
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    Beyonce - Single Ladies (Dancehall Reggae Remix)(Outada Riddim)

    Here is a hot blend of single ladies which i haven't seen on here. Check it out is hot. It wasn't made by me. here is the download link http://www.zshare.net/audio/53532617214a97b2/
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    talking to the crowed

    hey am trying to get into the club scene and am a little worried about not being able to talk to the crowed. Any pointers or things i could say to get the crowed going?
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    leveling volume

    hey guys i have lots of mp3s which have a low volume on them whats the best software out there to level all my mp3's to one volume. And what are the drawbacks. The software doesn't have to be free.
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    Help with a pop music party

    Hey guys i have a party coming up this friday that requires me to mix modern Pop music which i have never done before. I have been trying to find other mixes by other dj's so i could see what is getting played and how they are switching the songs but i haven't been able to find any. if you guys...
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    what new jay-z songs are you guys playing at clubs?

    what new jay-z songs are you guys playing at clubs? and if you guys are playing any old ones which ones.
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    Hiphop/R&B/Rap Question

    hey guys am a dj that only mixes spanish music. I may go into a little american sometimes but not much. This weekend i have a party which i'll have to put a lot of american music. So can i mix like hip hop with r&b and vise versa or is that bad or like r&b and go into some rap and then r&b...