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    How to upload mp3 files to a ftp-host?

    This online radio show has provided the ftp host with the host address, the login name and the password for me, i tried to upload files with the Firefox ftp add-on FireFtp, but it didn't work, said, it couldn't connect. I guess the whole thing is easier than it looks right now and if someone...
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    Can't upload an avatar...

    for weeks I have been trying to upload a new avatar, and it always says, "unable to save image". NO matter what I do. Yes, I am considering the measurements and pixel, and the name of the pic, etc. Who can help?
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    Pimp my classic! Edwin Starr - 25 Miles Remix

    Pre-Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUIcXpvnoqI If you'd like for me to pm you the link to the full track, leave a comment...
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    Shontelle - Superwoman Club Mix

    The original version of Shontelle's Superwoman is nice, but a lil too boring for the clubs, so I made it a club hit! Listen and download here
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    Hottest club in NYC right now?

    The last time I have been to NY, I have not been allowed to go to the club, lol, yes, it's a while ago, so, I'll be in NY later this year and would love to hear the "must go to" club from insiders like you...
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    Da Grizzly feat. J. Ortez - She got it **Clubbanger**

    Hot new club banger is here! Da Grizzly feat. J. Ortez - She got it Energetic, melodic, great vibe... DOWNLOAD HERE
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    Ulises - Unpredictable

    Ulises - Unpredictable The upcoming R&B artist from Dallas, TX http://www.zshare.net/audio/126242252fb5b8a6/
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    The first lady of Music Production

    You all know me already, so I'll save the words :D www.myspace.com/preciousptheguardian I am doin' big things and they get even bigger, networking and setting placements like crazy... be on the lookout
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    Usher - Moving Mountains Extended Club Mix

    I found his new song a bit slow sounding for the club to dance to, so I added something and made it sound more clubbish :) (Youtube and Sony deleted my video, so here is a different host) http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/princessgermany/?action=view&current=Movingmountainsext.flv If you...
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    The new trend? Feeling like being too good for anybody?

    Lately I noticed a "trend". There is a great percentage of people/artists/DJ's/etc. out there who feel they are just too good to be true, let alone too good to talk to some people, to say thanks etc. I am not talking about super-duper megafamous dudes here, I am talking about people who are...
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    Happy Birthday DJ Kurve!!!

    Just saw it's your birthday, yayyyy! :D
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    New Hot Remix! K.I.D. - 20/20 Club Mix

    This is some brandnew stuff, approved by the artist himself :) If you want to hear it, it's the first track on my myspace www.myspace.com/preciousptheguardian Edit: Due to Leecher alarm, (18 downloads already but only 1 comment) I do it like I did it with the usher remix, sorry folks...
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    It's here! Vol. 5 of Hey Ms. DJ!

    Get your download at www.myspace.com/preciousptheguardian Cover with tracklist: (tried to attach the pic but always gettin' an upload error) http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/3789/covermixtape5bu1.jpg Features artists like Tiffany Evans, Chop Chop, Sheek Louch, Day 26, and many more...
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    Usher - In this club Extended Dance Mix

    After I had a billion mails if listening to the mix would be possible, here is a chance to check out the Dance Mix, if interested, leave your mail and I'll get it to you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyatHhMqn0U Oops, sorry, no more vid to watch, BMG/Sony told me to put it...
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    Sammie- Come with me Dance Mix

    You can check out the Dance Mix to Sammie - Come with me on my myspace (starts automatically) www.myspace.com/preciousptheguardian If you want to have it send to you, leave your email...
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    Who knows what's wrong with Digiwaxx?

    Since a week or two (ever since they "worked on their servers for two days") Digiwaxx is totally messed up. They got a new player that rarely plays 2 seconds in a row without breaking off, the download takes a half hour IF it starts at all and when you click a link, it won't open. Anyone...
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    Which radio-stations play brand NEW songs?

    I am in search of radio stations or shows that can be listened to online too and that play BRAND NEW songs, I mean songs that are so new that not everyone already knows them, mainly in the R&B and Hip Hop area. Any suggestions?
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    Ulises - Tease (R&B)

    Brandnew production by Precious P. Hot club track! Ulises - Tease Download Track Here
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    Joss Stone - Put your hands on me baby Remix

    Joss Stone - Put your hands on me baby (Precious P. Rmx) Download Remix Here
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    How much to demand when DJing?

    I need your opinions. How much money would you ask for when you are asked to spin at a club when: You haven't DJ'ed in some years, last time you dj'ed you played vinyl, now you would play CD's. You would not really start all over again, but since u had a lil break, you'd have to get into it...