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  1. neken187

    Puerto Rico trip

    whats up yall? so i got a plan on making a trip to Puerto Rico this summer towards the end of july and beginning of august. I'm turning 21 so i wanna head out over there, whats some good places i should visit? any good restaurants (authentic local food)? or any good sites?
  2. neken187

    Whats your daytime job?

    for those who DJ, what other job you have? :/ just curious to know what yall work in lol.
  3. neken187

    Latin Hip Hop VS. Reggaeton?

    its about time we talk about something other than Rakim y Ken-Y's new lloriqueo track :) lol. what yall think about dominican hip hop and how they leading it? more and more artists are coming up, from what i see in LMP. and i have to admit they got alot of talent and one thing is that they...
  4. neken187

    Autotune FX

    what do yall think of the autotune effect? its kinda getting old and annoying..it might be annoying for some of yall already but some might still be fascinated by it lol.. what yall think? that shit is getting boring for me haha :/
  5. neken187

    Help ID this reggae song plz :/

    gotta lil small clip of the song, i dunno which song it is. http://www.zshare.net/audio/70347554c82bff/ a reggae song in spanish :/...
  6. neken187

    Help ID this song plz =/

    gotta lil small clip of the song, i dunno which song it is. http://www.zshare.net/audio/70347554c82bff/ a reggae song in spanish :/...
  7. neken187

    Happy Birthday :d!

    to me suckahs :D haha :rolleyes::D :cool:
  8. neken187

    CheCk this oUt!!!

    dammit cheCk out muh lil party break biotchess!!:D :cool: dont be a pussy and leave me some tips :] 48 kbps so you wont jack :cool:
  9. neken187

    neEd ur opinion on this hector lavoe mix plz

    aight.. well heres a lil something im woRkin on..one of el niño's mix inspired me to do something like this :D. so tell me what yall think. :cool: its not done yet..i wanna woRk on it more.. some tips and suggestions would do good.. any other songs that you consider classics from hector...
  10. neken187

    Flow la discoteka 2 review =|

    ...honestly...is this really what we were looking forward to? lol... i dunno about yall but...dj nelson ought to be ashamed of this CD.:mad: :mad: i rather overplay dj nelson's flow la discoteka 1.
  11. neken187

    explosion sound effecT?

    anyone gotta explosion sound effect? :o plzzz
  12. neken187

    bachata acapellas? :(

    ahh anyone got any bachata acapellas? man they're hard to find lol..if anyone could hook em up?...and also..if anyone gots that Aventura-Cuando se pierde un amor acapella...it would gangsta if they can hook it up lol. i heard it used before..so maybe someone gots it? haha..:D
  13. neken187

    Arcangel Mato A Franco!!

    lol...not with a gun..but lyrically..hahaha...:D
  14. neken187

    funny stuff here lol

    :D lol just incase yall needa laugh haha ...not a stab at blonde's..lol
  15. neken187

    Descubren nuevos talentos para "Sangre nueva 2"

    Para el talentoso productor Naldo ha sido bien satisfactorio tener frente a él alrededor de 50 jóvenes destacados que se dieron cita, ayer, martes, en la Oficina del Desarrollo para la Juventud de Ponce, donde ya descubrió a futuros artistas de reggaetón que cuentan con estilo propio y buena...
  16. neken187

    Request: LDA- Estoy En mi Cama Pista

    i know it was posted up before but i missed it..someone hook it up?..plzzz thanks :D:D :cool:
  17. neken187

    Judiny-El menu de un cuero

    lol this song is funny...sorry if it offends anyone..but this song is funny haha
  18. neken187

    simple rap beat drum patterns?

    anyone got like simple rap beat drum patterns they can hoOk it up with..??
  19. neken187

    NamE this instrumental

    aiGht well i made a loop of this instrumental from a live concert that wisin y yandel had in honduras....its a gangsta ass beat but i dont know the name of it...well enjoy the loop haha :)
  20. neken187

    Tu No Estas (BaChata)..

    hmMm i think this dont sound too bad..i like it..tell me what yall thiNK?.... wouLd be coo if i could get a rakim solo...haha. http://rapidshare.de/files/18361366/Tu_No_Estas_Bachata_Mix.mp3.html