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  1. ImTheDJ

    Damn, I been a memeber of this forum since 2002

    Whats up old timers and newbies. I need to check back in on this site more often. check me out on facebook at www.facebook.com/djcrank2003
  2. ImTheDJ

    Mixing videos and playing around

    Yeah, I know its a lil sloppy and cuts are off a bit. Thats what happens when you dont play in a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxtNjObnPmQ Constructive critizim or any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  3. ImTheDJ

    DJs that ask to copy your music

    How do you handle people that ask to copy your music or where you get your music from? Have you ever had another DJ walk up to you and say, "Man, I need to get with you to see where you get your music from" or they ask to copy your music. Do you tell them about TJSDJS, or other networking...
  4. ImTheDJ

    Top 5 songs for your region, city or clubs

    What are the top 5, floor filling, sure shots in your area. In other words what are the hottest songs or your songs guarranted to make them dance in your town, city or what ever. Even if its a Old School track. im in El Paso, Texas...now 1) Becky 2) Bedrock 3) Try it out 4) Almost anything...
  5. ImTheDJ

    Fight Night Round 4 XBOX 360

    Anybody wanna come see me in the ring look me up at djcrank09. Get Sum!!!
  6. ImTheDJ

    High School Party

    Whats up DJs, I have to do DJ 2 High School Parties back to back on the 13th and 14th. For 2 girls that hang together but throwing 2 diffret parties. I am trying to make sure I have ll the HOTTEST Joints or the must play's for the Teens. What are your hottest songs for your area or the songs...
  7. ImTheDJ

    Longtime TJDJS members, remember when...

    Whats up long time Members and new ones alike. Remember when we use to have sessions DJing on webcam, spinnin live When DJ Point-n-click killed us with the laptop skills, back before Serato and Final Scratch. Remember when we chatted about how expensive CDJs were and who would be the first to...
  8. ImTheDJ

    El Paso, Texas...FT Bliss

    Anybody here from El Paso or ever been there before. I will be moving there soon. I am trying to find out what the nightlife is like, whats the happening spots and...Damn; do they even have a Guitar Center there??? Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  9. ImTheDJ

    Legends of Funk Tour - Playlist help

    Whats up Fam, I just got hired to DJ the Legends of Funk Tour, this Friday with Dazz Band, Bar Kays and Confunksion. While DJing I can not play any of their music. I wanted to know what are the must plays of Funk, or sing along songs to get the crowd into it.
  10. ImTheDJ

    DJ Crank checking in from IRAQ!!!

    Yes Fam to all that know me, I only been back from Kuwait for a year and I am already back overseas in Iraq. I know yall gonna hold me down like yall did last year as yall did for the 4 years I have been on this board. I appreciate your support, good looking out and Thanks in advance. I am...
  11. ImTheDJ

    Rane Serato users check in pt 3

    Download this song and put it in Serato and let me know if the cue points and Loop points show up. I was told that when transfering songs you can send them with BPMs, Cue Points and Loops. Funkmaster Flex - Come on Baby Post your comments if it works or not, Dont just leech the song. Cause I...
  12. ImTheDJ

    TEXT MESSAGE while DJing, look inside

    Last night, a friend of mine asked me to fill in for him DJing while he went to pick his wife up her car broke down or something. Any way the club he DJs in, was about half full but nobody was dancing, he said it was always like this. The DJ Booth is up a long flight of stairs no where near...
  13. ImTheDJ

    Rane Serato Scratch users check in Pt 2

    I know its been a while since I started the last thread, But what I wanted to do is check with the other Djs to see how theyre progress is going. I know this may sound stupid or late but I just discovered the potential of RELATIVE mode, I think its REL what ever the one in the middle is, ABS...
  14. ImTheDJ

    new cha cha slide with trick daddy

    I was told that there was a new slide song with Trick Daddy or someone on it, never heard was just told about it, somebody clue me in, I was told it was bangin, had the floor packed.
  15. ImTheDJ

    Artist Drops here for free look inside

    I think Bigz asked me for these a while back and someone asked the other day which reminded me. DJ Crank
  16. ImTheDJ

    Forget Spinners check out these rims

    http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/03/25/forget-the-spinners-pimp-rims-go-high-tech/ Right in time for memorial day weekend at the beach. Who's gonna be the first, a little to ghetto for me, but the concept is cool
  17. ImTheDJ

    Heading to Montego Bay, Jamaica Memorial Day Weekend

    Has anyone here ever been, what are the party spots, I havent decided on the hotel yet. Any suggestions, Im looking at breezes right now, Im treating my brother we going down there to wild out. I am also heading to Dubai on 14 May, so when I leave Kuwait I am going to Dubai for 2 days before...
  18. ImTheDJ

    Auto Care in Atlanta any recommendations

    Wassup all, I have a 1994 Acura integra, that I want to get fixed up to give to my nephew. It needs a paint job and body work, I want to add rims and lower it, a stereo and some after market engine Mods. Does anyone know of a reputable place where I can get this done. The car has been sitting...
  19. ImTheDJ

    DJ CRANK CDs for free download

    All I ask is you leave some feedback, what sounded good what was bad etc. Let me say this. I dont add alot of scratching and extra shit, in my cds, cause I make them for everyone to listen to and I keep them in clean versions for better sales. A CD that you can pop in with a 2 year old in the...
  20. ImTheDJ

    Mardi Gras Parties and Music

    Anyone here DJing any Mardi Gras parties? If so what New Orleans based music are you using or have. I have 1 Mardi Gras CD, I plan on playing a few of New Orleans artist, even taking it all the way back to DJ Jimi and Some Mystikal. I have a few cuts from the Rebirth Band which is pretty...