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    HOUSE CALLS presented by BRIAN 'DOCTA' DAWE (House Music Mix)

    HOUSE CALLS presented by BRIAN 'DOCTA' DAWE A monthly podcast featuring my favorite tracks of the month. For more information visit: BrianDawe.com Twitter.com/DJDoctaDawe Facebook.com/DJDoctaDawe Crack4DJs.net/BrianDoctaDawe http://soundcloud.com/djdoctadawe/house-calls-volume-1-feb-2012
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    Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It (DJ Intro).mp4

    Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It (Intro).mp4 PM for link since no one wants to comment or thank. Enjoy! I have some more videos to come if you guys want them...
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    Party and Bullshit in the USA (Dawe's DJ Friendly Re-edit)

    This remix was originally done by hathbanger and has become very popular... problem is the original is NOT club friendly at all, so I added an intro and hyped it up a bit, enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/?q3n1m2jgjzk
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    Jason Derulo & Notorious BIG - Whatcha Say Biggie (Docta Dawe Remix)

    Let me know what you think of my latest remix, gives this track a little bit of club flavor! DJ Intro and outro. http://www.mediafire.com/?jnytmmmizwz
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    How many songs in your library?

    I was just curious how many songs all the DJ have in their library? I just hit 20,000 today in mine and was wondering if I have an average amount or not...
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    DOCTA DAWE - Bottles Flying (Fear and Lothing Rework) ::SICK HOUSE REMIX::

    ::DOWNLOAD DOCTA DAWE'S LATEST REMIX:: Hers a sick house remix I did... Its a hype edit of Bob Sinclar - Love You No More (DJ Chuckie Remix). Gimme some feedback on this one... DOCTA DAWE - Bottles Flying (Fear and Lothing Electro Rework Quick Hitter) http://www.zshare.net/audio/6373940259046bad/
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    Docta Dawe - Fu*k Your Format Mix

    Soooo I have been sleeping on this mix for like 3 months. I have been so busy with promotions this mix has taken the back seat to everything. It was finished well over a month ago, and I was waiting to get it mastered and to do some tweaks to the mix…. well time has been ticking, mastering has...
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    DJ Docta Dawe ::Move Bitch 92BPM-132BPM Transition:&:LMFAO I'm in Miami Bitch RMX::

    DJ Docta Dawe ::Move Bitch 92BPM-132BPM Transition:&:LMFAO I'm in Miami Bitch RMX:: I haven't posted any remixes on here in a while, but I just did these tonight and decided to post em up. Please listen to these and give me some feedback!! Docta Dawe - I'm on Brazil Street BITCH!! Docta Dawe...
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    Disco Mashups?

    I have been asked to DJ a disco night at a club. I'm in my early 20's so I had to do a lot of homework for this one! I want to try to mix in a few disco mashups, similar to "DJ Awdamaddix's - Let it Whip". Anyone care to help me out?
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    DJ Docta Dawe - Give it to Biggie

    I spent way too much time on this! I wanted to make a blend of "Give it to Me" by Jay-Z that had the "Remy in the system" line replaced by biggie, who rhymes the same line in his song "The World is Filled". I ended up making a remix with a crooklyn clan style intro and added a rare unreleased...
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    Usher - In this club Dance remix request

    I could totally make my own but I have been mad busy this week, I still may do one. I get a bunch of requests for this song, its like 60 bpm so it mixes perfect in an uptempo set with low, don't stop the music, elevator, etc... but if it had that extra "boom" it would be more danceable and mix...
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    The Used - The Taste of Ink (Docta Dawe Remix)

    I DJ at a lot of college clubs/bars and they always request this song early in the night or on a slow night. Since its Monday and it will prob be a slow night I decided to make a little remix. Nothing crazy and its not perfect but it works. The Used - The Taste of Ink (Docta Dawe Remix)...
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    ::Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Docta Dawe Low Bmore Remix):: -Something Different-

    Check this out and let me know what you think, its a little different than a lot of remixes on here but I think you guys will appreciate it. Chromeo's "Fancy Footwork" with Flo-Rida's Low beat Bmore style! Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Docta Dawe Bmore Low Remix)...
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    Flo-Rid Ft Timbaland - Elevator ::DJ Friendly Extended::

    I just made this DJ Friendly extended version of Elevator, check it. Eazy mixin' for the club! flo-rid ft timbaland - elevator dj docta dawe extended.mp3 http://www.zshare.net/audio/6937569b4a361b/
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    Old school Sweet Dreams Remix

    This Breaks remix of Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams by Infinity was really hot in Florida a few years back... I haven't heard it in a while and think it was only regionally popular. Good dance mix for the end of the night... http://www.zshare.net/audio/4186178ff629f9/
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    I'm So Hood Extended??

    I'm looking for an Extended version of I'm so Hood... DJ Khaled talks to much in the original to blend it in without it sounding like shit so if u have one hook it up!
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    NERD - Lapdance (Lil Wayne Freestyle Blend)

    Nothing special... blended a Lil Wayne Freestyle into begining of Lapdance... check it! http://rapidshare.com/files/56958894/NERD_-_Lapdance__Lil_Wayne_Blend_.mp3
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    looking 4 long megamix for early club play...

    Does anyone ever wonder what the fuck to play between 10 and 11:30 when the club isn't packed yet?? Or how about u just wanna throw something in the player and get your drink on for little before you drop the heaters on 'em!! I'm looking for a 60 min or so megamix that I can throw on in the...
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    "Rich Boy is Disturbed" - New Rock Mash!

    I posted up a poll to see if everyone was down for some crunkcore mashup Rock/Hip Hop shit and everyone was down!! Here's a blend I did... Disturbed - Stupify vs. Rich Boy - Throw Some D's Let me know what u think!! Check my myspace out to... www.myspace.com/DJDoctaDawe...
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    Anybody down for Rock/Hip-Hop Mashups?

    I know this is obviously a Hip-Hop forum and I haven't noticed any Rock/Hip-Hop Mashups on here... Would anyone be interested in hearing more of them?