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    Q Divano - Over Again

    This track truly captures the essence of Hip hop and R&B all in one song. This artist Q Divano has an old school delivery (wu tang/Nas/Camron esq) and a witty way with his words. Not sure where he came from but I found this on spotify few months ago and I cant stop listening to it so I decided...
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    7200 rmp or more for laptop recording

    if you record on your laptop, please change your 5200 rpm drive to a 7200 rpm drive. you will not notice much difference but you will turn your machine into a real recording machine. large studios use 10,000 rpm drives in mac pro, and the minimum requirements are usually 7200 rpm, most laptop...
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    do you think making a beat on iphone is really needed?

    this is something that makes no sense. it has no value, unless you got inspired and wanted to capture something fly. But real talk what is the point of this on a professional level. does it even use wav files or a compressed file. can it even be set up ona large set up later. why even bother...
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    myspace was king

    myspace was great, i met people from around the universe, i flew all around the world and always had a place to crash. it was great and i miss the original myspace experience. now i think twitter is the batter up. not quite the same experience, but similar. and they keep it real unlike the ever...
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    starting out fresh

    live, eat and sleep Dj-ing, watch youtube vids, to learn the basics, then all you should do is just practice. The best gear wont make you the best Dj. Practice does. Jimmy hendrix slept with his guitar, he played it all day until he went back to sleep and you need to as well. This is a sport...
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    facebook slows down your skills

    we need to stop wasting time loggin into facebook and get back in the labs and make the real stuff happen. with out a live show and real fans its hard to maintain your name and rep. social media is shallow, people don't remember you for long, so its important to put a real face and a real live...
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    digital and rap

    i think rap music (underground anyway) sounds best recorded on analog setups. remember the nas illmatic or wu tang forever, the sound was rugged but smooth, underground rap should have analog mastering at the minimum, or else it just to clean.
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    do you think hip hip is really dead

    i think the music business as a whole is struggling. as soon as free streams and you tube hit the scene artists are finding it hard to make a living.
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    ron artest is a rapper and label owner

    this guy does it all. from artist, b ball player and label owner. have not heard any new track latly but i like a few artists he had in the past. V12 is amazing. go tru warrior
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    live midi guitar

    last set i played we used a live midi guitar to trigger abelton. was a blast.
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    innofader is the best

    I got a chance to test this amazing scratch fader, its so smooth like butter, never needs to be lubed, and the customer service is wonderful. i recommend using the innojuster also. keep up the great work innofader.
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    sexy vibes 8

    love this mixtape. great r&b all the way out. great work!
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    tunecore is making changes

    i heard Jeff price is not with tunecore anymore. he was the reason I thought tunecore was cool. he is a fun loving guy. I cant wait to see what he is cooking up next
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    imac vs laptop

    laptops over heat fast, i currently use my imac live, i have a special bag to carry it in, works great and is very attractive looking to my live setup.