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  1. djmistayung205

    Miguel feat Marvin Gaye and Prince - Adorn (MDJ Sexual Healing Remix)

    Hopefully you guys like this. Different elements from each artist. :cool: http://soundcloud.com/djmanishmixshows/miguel-feat-marvin-gaye-prince
  2. djmistayung205

    @DJMANISH and Home Team Camp presents #1 Contender - Round 2

    Good day! New mixtape fire! Birmingham, AL brings you the long anticipated street release of Home Team Camp's #1 Contender - Round 2, mixed by Slip 'N Slide DJ's, DJ MANISH. All new songs! Get the 'what's up' on Birmingham's hottest upcoming group! Right here for download...
  3. djmistayung205

    Wale feat Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb (MDJ Beat It Rmx)

    Hi to all! New podcast entry. Great song, a few more drums couldn't hurt. :rolleyes: Wale feat Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb layered with Michael Jackson's Beat It intro drums, a few 808 kicks, toms, and a few more add-ons. If you could use the untagged, hit me up! :)...
  4. djmistayung205

    Mix @DJMANISH Quick Ryan Leslie 30 minute Freestyle Mix

    A quick 30-minute mix of Ryan Leslie songs, features, and productions. Very talented guy! Love his music. Hope you enjoy! Tried to embed, but couldn't get it to work http://soundcloud.com/djmanishmixshows/djmanish-r-lesness 1. Diamond Girl 2. I-R-I-N-A 3. Fly Together 4. Addicted 5. Too Late...
  5. djmistayung205

    @DJMANISH presents Biggie Tyme

    HELLO EVERYONE! GET YOUR BIGGIE FIX HERE! R.I.P. TO THE GREAT ONE! FREE DL THANKS FOR CHECKIN' http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/95327/DJMANISH-presents-Biggie-Tyme
  6. djmistayung205

    dj MANish presents...2Pac Birthday Tribute Mixxxshow

    Shouts to "O" and the whole SwurvRadio fam! Got this in last week for the homies birthday. Also available direct on mixcrate http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/55901/dj-MANish-Tupac-BackHis-Legend-Lives-On
  7. djmistayung205

    dj MANish presents Excerpts From Da Kitchen v.1 - Free Mixxxshow DL

    Quick 30 minute fresh music mix from the club. T.I. feat Trey Songz & Young Dro - Strip Trey Songz - SK Shit Snoop Dogg feat Trey Songz - Dirty Dancer Eldorado Red feat Rich Boy - Fresh Cut The Captin - I Just Wanna Cut Gena feat Yo Gotti and Yung Joc - Dip In The Club Remix King David feat...
  8. djmistayung205

    Yung Joc (Feat. Swagg Team Mafia) - Give It Up (Over Travis Porter's "Make It Rain")

    Yung Joc (Feat. Swagg Team Mafia) - Give It Up (Over Travis Porter's "Make It Rain") Shouts to the homie Marcus gettin' it IN over in Atlanta right now. Follow him on twitter @etanupe Yung Joc feat Swagg Team Mafia right here goin' hammer over Travis Porter's Make It Rain beat, which I think...
  9. djmistayung205

    Mix dj MANish presents...Interstate 40...the Mixxxshow (Weeee!!!)

    Fam once again a quick on the 1's and 2's at the spot. Simple blends/transisitions but nice to ride to or play for the last cookout of the year lol Enjoy and thanks for checkin' :cool: dj MANish presents... Tracklisting: 1. EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE - SEPTEMBER 2. EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE -...
  10. djmistayung205

    NEW DoeShun feat Waka Flocka Flame - Play Money (Main)

    Shouts to the whole Click Treal Fam! Click Treal Records and 4th Ward ENT! I run this at the spot faithfully and it YAMZ! DJ's please support this record! DoeShun feat Waka Flocka Flame - Play Money Contact information: DoeShun/Click Treal Records...
  11. djmistayung205

    NEW Morphene - Where They Do That At (CDQ, Nice)

    Nice one for the clubs. Shouts to the homie Morphene! Will upload contact info asap. As of now for more information, please PM. Thanks for checkin'! Morphene - Where They Do That At
  12. djmistayung205

    Live Set dj MANish presents...Playaz Only...the R&B Throwbackz Mix (Happy 4th!!!)

    Happy 4th of July 2010 to the entire forum! New mix from the homie! This time it's a throwback R&B mix perfect for your family Bar-B-Que! Enjoy! Tracklisting: 1. LOOSE ENDS - HANGING ON A STRING 2. MIDNIGHT STAR - CURIOUS 3. THE ISLEY BROTHERS - FOR THE LOVE OF YOU 4. JACKSON 5 - I WANNA...
  13. djmistayung205

    Pastor Troy - Back Woods (From the album King Of All Kings)

    Real quick upp...shouts to the homie Uncle Dave who shot me the pre-release yesterday. New PT album King of All Kings slated for August 3rd. This is a club banger right here fam!!! Leggeddditttshawtyyyy!!! Pastor Troy - Back Woods feedback people...:cool:
  14. djmistayung205

    Mix C2C and dj MANish presents Protekk 'N Swurvv...the Memorial Day mixtape

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone...hope you eat all the ribs and chicken and hot dogs...whateva your thing...run this one while you do your weekend thing! Artwork later. Thanks in advance for checkin'!!! :D 1. Rick Ross - Money Maker 2. Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In The Paint 3. Gucci Mane feat...
  15. djmistayung205

    Pollen Sufferers UNITE!!

    You guys prolly think I'm buggin' right now but this year the pollen count is waaay crazy! I can't shake it off. Hell, is it Anthrax??? Got inhalers, Claritin, and some mo ish. Not helping. Anybody got a fool-proof remedy, please share with the family. :rolleyes:
  16. djmistayung205

    Mix dj MANISH presents VETERAN'S DAY...the mixshow

    Another freestyle fam thanks for checkin' Looking for a LEGIT gfx dude...holla Tracklisting: 1. INTRO 2. RICK ROSS FEAT BIRDMAN & LIL WAYNE - VETERAN'S DAY 3. DJ KHALED FEAT T-PAIN, LUDACRIS, RICK ROSS - ALL I DO IS WIN 4. BABY D - LOCKDOWN 5. BEAT GANG - WHERE YOU AT 6. SHAWTY LO - WTF 7...
  17. djmistayung205

    MAN-ish the DJ presents...UGK Day (R.I.P. Pimp C Awww Mann)

    The holidays are upon us fam. This was done last week at my birthday set at the spot. Very impromptu but still ridin' tho. Waaayyy too many songs I wanted on here but this is how Part I came out. Hope all my UGK 4 Lifers dig it. Tracklisting: 1. CHOP BLADES 2. USE ME UP 3. I LEFT IT WET 4 U 4...
  18. djmistayung205

    Mix MANish the DJ - Game Time RELOADED Live from The Palace Club Magic City Classic Wknd

    It was BANANAS this day right here! Quick mix during the trap hour, hence the xtra Gucci. He's hot here anyway so have at it. It is actually a few weeks old, but we just slowed down really. Thanks as always for checkin. One continuous mix Tracklisting: 1. Young Buck - Rock and Roll 2. Young...
  19. djmistayung205

    New Pioneer CDJ-2000 - WOW!!! (CDJ-900 ALSO)

    All I can say is friggin WOW dude! Price tag around 2 sTAXx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ-S9Xf3waY New Pioneer CDJ Digital Turntables Bring the Art of DJing to New Heights Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division, the leader in Pro DJ products and the...
  20. djmistayung205

    Serena Williams Fined For Outbursts At Saturday's U.S. Open

    I saw this right when it happened. Personally, I think this is some bullshit...but come on Serena...you know they just need a reason anyway. http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/news?slug=ro-serenafine091309&prov=yhoo&type=lgns NEW YORK – Serena Williams faces an anxious wait to see if she is to be...