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  1. J

    Rihanna ft. Drake - What's My Name (DJSJ Blend)

    Nothing much to say but, CHECK IT OUT!!! :) LISTEN >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re7z_VdBeqQ DOWNLOAD >>> http://www.mediafire.com/?lxompakkn2t7bpk
  2. J

    Go Stupid (DJSJ Housemix)

    More for the house dj's!!! :D LISTEN & DOWNLOAD >>> http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/go-stupid-djsj-housemix?permalink
  3. J

    Work Dat Mutha Tony Montana (DJSJ Housemix)

    Something to keep 'em dancin!!!! LISTEN & DOWNLOAD >>> http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/work-dat-mutha-tony-montana-djsj-housemix?permalink
  4. J

    Niggaz In Paris (DJSJ Housemix)

    Here's something for the House DJ's, enjoy!!:) CHECK IT OUT >>> http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/niggaz-in-paris-djsj-housemix?permalink
  5. J

    Jay-Z & Lil Wayne - Hello Brooklyn (DJSJ Rmx)

    Produced by Jamez Da Blenda a.k.a. DJ SonJam http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/jay-z-lil-wayne-hello-brooklyn-djsj-rmx?permalink
  6. J

    DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - Im On One (DJ SonJam Rmx)

    CHECK IT OUT!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3st6PHZtmU DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.mediafire.com/?9w2tf81y3oop9wa
  7. J

    Mary J. Blige - I Can Love You (Otis Blend)

    Something I did real quick, enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1sRUnsvlBU
  8. J

    Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No Love (DJ SonJam Rmx)

    Eminem & Lil Wayne vocals over my beat, enjoy!! http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/eminem-ft-lil-wayne-no-love-dj-sonjam-remix?permalink
  9. J

    Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - John (DJ SonJam Rmx)

    Produced by DJ SonJam!! http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/lil-wayne-ft-rick-ross-john-dj-sonjam-rmx?permalink
  10. J

    Beyonce - Who Run The World (DJ SonJam P.Y.T. Mix)

    Beyonce blended with "The Late Great" Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T." instrumental!!! http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/beyonce-who-run-the-world-dj-sonjam-pyt-mix?permalink
  11. J

    Fabolous - You Be Killin Em (DJ SonJam Mix)

    Fabolous mixed with an old school track, enjoy!! http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/fabolous-you-be-killin-em-dj-sonjam-mix?permalink
  12. J

    Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Motivation (Soulful Mix)

    Vocals blended over a Jackson 5 loop, enjoy!! Check it out here >>> http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/kelly-rowland-ft-lil-wayne-motivation?permalink
  13. J

    Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (James Brown Mix)

    Mixed by DJ SonJam!!! http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/track/lil-wayne-6-foot-7-foot?permalink
  14. J

    A Few Hip-Hop and R&B Remixes!!

    Here are a few remixes i made recently, enjoy!!! Mixed by Jamez Da Blenda aka DJ SonJam http://djsonjam.bandcamp.com/album/a-few-hip-hop-and-r-b-remixes?permalink
  15. J

    Hip-Hop and R&B Remixes!!!

    All songs remixed by jayBLENDA!!! http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/album/jayblenda-mixes?permalink
  16. J

    Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - Moment 4 Life (jayBLENDA Mix)

    vocals mixed over pharcyde's passin me by instrumental http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/track/nicki-minaj-ft-drake-moment-4-life-jayblenda-mix?permalink
  17. J

    50 Cent - High All The Time (jayBLENDA Remix)

    50 cent acapella over a sampled beat i made, enjoy!!:D http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/track/50-cent-high-all-the-time-jayblenda-remix?permalink
  18. J

    Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (jayBLENDA Mix)

    Chris Brown mixed with different beats http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/track/chris-brown-ft-busta-rhymes-lil-wayne-look-at-me-now-jayblenda-mix?permalink
  19. J

    Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No Love vs Chris Brown - Look At Me Now

    A mix of Eminem & Lil Wayne vocals over Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" instrumental http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/track/eminem-ft-lil-wayne-no-love-jayblenda-mix?permalink
  20. J

    Lil Wayne - Hustla Muzik (9th Wonder Mix)

    lil wayne blended over some 9th wonder beats, enjoy!! http://jayblenda.bandcamp.com/track/lil-wayne-hustla-muzik-9th-wonder-mix?permalink