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djemir said:
Don't worry there's a whole crew of DJ's I roll with that think the same as you do... "Radio Bums" and we make sure we mix the CD's and we put some work in on the turntables. one of the mixtape djs DJ bedz even has a sample from a drop he got from Mad Skillz talking about "you tired of all those mixtapes that ain't got skillz, no mixing no scratching? we feel your pain..."

peep out my website for some samples and get Real Mixtapes from Real DJs
Cause "Real DJs Do Real Things"

The Mix Revolution is coming!
Amen to that!!!

Make sure that yall nominate me for some Reggaeton mixtape awards... Let me know what yall think, its been getting excellent feedback and I will be mailing this out to Ozone.

The Latin Industry at the moment is only looking to fuck with artists and Djs who CENSOR their work aka TELEMUNDO AND UNIVISION, FUCK EM!!

They dont show no love for the real shit and expect to take it to the next level with a fake image.

They either take it raw or have to ignore what the real shit is! Check it out folks! Bigup to all my Tjs fam!

Here is the direct link : http://www.djtito.com/420.zip

Here is the direct link : http://www.djtito.com/420.zip
Wassup my fellow TjsDjs fam,I upped the mixtape and its ready to go. Its Highway 420 Volumen Dos fo dat azz:D :D
Bringing you the hottest in Reggaeton Hiphop and DanceHall with a Full 80 mins of straight fiyah..Esto es 100% perreo fumeteo y cacoteo :D

Its been getting excellent feedback, niggas were loving it in Texas of all places.... The buzz has been floating around now its time for Highway 420 Vol 2 punetaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!:D

Enjoy and please drop your comments:D :D :D

Here is the direct link : http://www.djtito.com/420.zip

It includes full front and back cover with track listing and all!!!

Make sure you burn without pauses and if listening on mp3 player just click the included .m3u playlist file and it will auto start

Tienen permiso de regarlo en to los foros que quieran, que se joda!!
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zone caleone

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Zone Caleone "grind Hard"

Me And My Group Will Have Our Material In Yo Hands From Now On.100.check Out Zone Caleone New Single "grind Hard" On Myspace.com/zonecaleone.100.


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Good opportunity for DJs and artists...or you can submit your mixtape to a website and make money!!!

We are looking for new mixtape DJs.

DJ WataBoy

The International DJ
I'll send you a couple after the 4th weekend. Might take a week or two... coming from Japan.... DJ WataBoy