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Back To One Tour featuring Ming and FS - Aug 23 - Jax, FL

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Ming and FS on Monday, August 23 @ The Monarch.

You may think you’ve never heard anything by New York City natives Ming and FS, but you’re probably wrong.

Their work has appeared in numerous television programs including MTV’s ‘The Real world,’ ‘Road Rules,’ ‘Making the Video’ and ‘Becoming;’ ABC’s ‘The Wide World of Sports’ and HBO’s Sex and the City.’ Ming and FS have composed original music for television commercials including AT&T ‘M-Life,’ DC Shoes, Victoria’s Secret, AND 1 Shoes featuring NBA star Kevin Garnett, and Ice Breakers Gum to name a few. They also composed music for a Nissan Altima ‘Shift’ commercial in which they used sounds from the car to create the soundtrack and even starred in the commercial! Their latest commercial endeavor, a track for Sierra Mist, will launch in May 2004 and features the fancy footwork of soccer phenom Freddy Adu.

P-Diddy, Brandy, Suzanne Vega, Coolio, Ashanti, Lynard Skynard, Blu Cantrell and Craig David have all had songs remixed and reworked by the duo as well. Ming & FS have also shared the stage with some of the most adventurous names in music, such as Run DMC, Moby, Sting, Paul Oakenfold, Kruder & Dorfmeister and The Roots.

It’s amazing that with the scores of remix and commercial offers pouring in that Ming and FS find the time to work on their own material, but they’ve made it a priority. This August marks their first album in two years. Newly allied with NYC label Spun Recordings, their latest effort, ‘Back to One’ builds a remarkably complete musical picture, encompassing Ming and FS’ myriad of influences. Delving deeper into world beat, classical, dub and jazz, the duo maintains their signature sound, while creating their most mature album to date.

Known for their inventive blend of hip-hop, drum ‘n bass, jungle, funk and jazz, (a sound dubbed ‘junkyard’ by the duo), Ming and FS have made a career out of breaking down and then reassembling common musical elements into uncommon arrangements. Their previous efforts have garnered them underground and critical acclaim and ‘Back to One’ is likely to do the same. From the pure junglist beats of “Chester Goes to Town” to the Egyptian vibe of “Fish Eyes” to the dark strings and piano discord of the album’s title track “Back to One,” the duo’s musical background is evident. Back to One.’ is a complex album that works on both cerebral and visceral level. This album will appeal to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts including fans of hip-hop, breaks, left field electronica, drum ‘n bass and jungle.

Always busy, the pair return with a few other projects as well, including co-writing several songs for current VH1 favorite Toby Lightman, whose recent appearance on Late night with David Letterman is sure to propel her into the pop music stratosphere. Ming & FS have other future stars lined up as well, working with Hollywood Records’ artist Tina Sugandh and radio-ready hip-hop crew Northern League on their own Madhattan Studios label.

Both Ming and FS are skilled musicians with a talent for crafting the unexpected out of the familiar. Ming is a trained guitarist and audio engineer and FS has a strong background in Jazz piano an electronica production. Having produced together since 1996, Ming and FS have stayed on the cutting edge of experimental electronica. Their previous albums, Hells Kitchen, The Human Condition and The Subway Series have been well received by critics and fans alike. Ming and FS have also made a name for themselves as businessmen, running the respected Madhattan Studios, and as a formidable live act, incorporating live instrumentation, impromptu remixes, beatboxing, and skilled turntablism into their DJ sets.

for tunes go to www.mingandfs.com

Visit www.mingandfs.com to sign up for the Back To One Giveaway! A prize package valued at 2,000+ with products from Rane, Pioneer, Brooklyn industries and more!

The Back To One Tour

Ming and FS with MC Napoleon Solo

New York

The inimitable production/DJ duo Ming and FS return with their grab bag of genre-crushing beats and breaks on Back To One. These Hells Kitchen residents push the boundaries of their hip-hop/drum & bass hybrid, peppering it with moody funk and atmospheric electronics. Blistering breakbeat workouts make way for hazy head-nodders and psychedelic jungle rollers, sometimes within the same track.

"Ming and FS are completely mindblowing...I didnt want the show to end! If you ever have the chance to see these guys perform their turntable magic live do NOT miss it! They blew me away!" - Margaret Coble, Editor, DMA Magazine

"Ming and FS really know how to keep the crowd moving. Their selections are always deep and thier sillks are definitely top notch." - DJ Z-TRIP

"Dont sleep - Ming and FS rock an imaginative spectrum of beats from hip-hop to drum and bass all the way to Michael jackson's 'Human Nature'. Never boring...definitely banging..." - Dieselboy

"Rock-hard hip hop beats meet battle-style breaks, hooking up with slipper smooth soul and helter-skelter drum n' bass...a double date bound for kinky bliss." - Jen Boyles, URB Magazine

and your hosts for a journey through the realm of broken beats

Wes Reed bsb Matt Caulder
Comic b2b Fetish
Sureshot b2b Shotgun b2b Infader
Organik Produckshunz (Mr. Bambu, Magus Maduro, Emcee Hiebel)
Double Y Chrome
Sean Pat b2b Waldo

18 and up
$7 - 21 and over
$9 - under 21
Reduced cover b4 10pm
Doors open 9pm-3am
$2-$4 drink specials

The Monarch
1187 Edgewood Ave S
corner of 17th S and Edgewood
Jax, FL

directions and info

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Main Room

9-1030 Diamond
1030-12 Sureshot, Shotgun & Infader
12-130 Ming + FS w/ MC Napoleon Solo
130-C Organik Produckshunz (Mr. Bambu, Magus Maduro, Emcee Hiebel)

Front Room

9-10 the_viirus
10-1045 Ghost
1045-1130 Double Y Chrome
1130-1230 Comic b2b Fetish
1230-130 Sean Pat b2b Waldo
130-C Wes Reed & Matt Caulder


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Restaurants will be open and additional vendors will be providing refreshments (no alcohol sales). Live performances on three outdoor stages provide ongoing entertainment throughout the evening.

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