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best small live pa speakers for a restaurant application...


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Musician plays in the sushi bar area and I would like some small speakers that I can daisy chain throughout different corners of the restaurant (3 rooms and deck area)...

I was thinking to get a crown amp and 8 bose 402's but those speakers are more than I would like to spend ...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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Check Out Pro Sound I Would Suggest The Peavey Series. Br 10 Or 12 Or 15 Depends On How Much Ur Trying To Spend. I Also Recommend The Jbl's But At Tymes They Arent Cheap

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no to bose. Too much money there ar other speakers around that can do jsut right for what you are setting up bruh. Look around and based on you rfinances and choice let us knwo what you got.


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