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Cant Wait For / Lookin' Forward To.. (Discussion Thread)


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k.m said:
LOL @ Pins updated signature...

esp the got it */10.. lol 3/10 :D

i hope none of mine don't dissappoint
Yeah I clocked that....
Shit is joke man...
Good rating of Joe's album Pin'...
Though I'm not so sure it's high enough....


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Important information!
As you must all probably know by now....(If not read the rest of my posts in this thread...or my signature)...


It turns out that the United Kingdom is the gayest country in the whole damn world and should be blown up for being so shit (while I am flown out with K.M., Shawty and all the other UK Heads in here) :D ....
Because it turns out 'IMAX theatre'....the best place to possibly watch Spiderman 3...(the soon to be greatest movie ever created)....are not showing it in the whole of the U.K.!

This now means....I, the biggest Spiderman head I have ever come across have to watch the soon to be greatest movie ever created...in a goddamn REGULAR...(YES! REGULAR!) cinema!

What the hell is up with that?!

I was sad enough when I heard about K.M. and Rihanna but this is seriously life changing shit man!
It's not going to be the same man! EVER!

Everyone....feel free to express your opinions on this matter....

And also...
Someone get to 10 Downing Street and shoot that prick 'Tony Blair' for making this country so gay!


Trey Songz ♥
Alkz said:
10 Days Till Spiderman 3!

The Countdown Is On!

oh please alloow the countdown it reminds me how close my exams are LOL!!! *sigh*:eek: but stil cant wait til the film either!


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I've missed it a couple of times...
But now it's passed 12 am here....it's 6 days to go!


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It comes out here on ther 4th of May....
The Premiere on London was on the 23rd of April but it was literally impossible to get tickets man...
It was pretty much maxed out to celeb's....
But I went to the red carpet before the premiere outside Odeon in Leicester Sq...

In some place's it's actually coming out on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd but here in this shitty country the release is on the 4th!

6 Goddamn Days....AND I CANNOT WAIT!


oh oke, i said the 1st because that''s the IMAX premiere over here iin Amsterdam, think I'm gonna catch it the second, you'll have to wait a couple of more days, or come on over 2 amsterdam to watch it :D


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*shawty* said:
ohh thats sick u went 2 the red carpet tho.. u see any of them?
Yeah I went to that....fo shizzle...off the hizzle my bizzle big dizzle plus some rizzle for the jizzle....and it was sick man...
Well the were many wasteguy's wearing Spiderman suits and shit...and I was just thinkin' these lot don't possess my Spiderman powers man...
I saw all of them man...
Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst...the lady who plays Aunt May...
But the best person there was easily Topher Grace...a.k.a. Venom...
2nd biggest G to Spidey himself!

And then there were all these waste celeb's like Jamelia and shit man...
I was all thinking...she wouldn't be missed...I should be sittin' in her seat!

I would come over to Amsterdam if I had the dough for it right now man....or wherever they play it at 0:01 on the 1st of May!
Would love to hit that shit up first man...
But what can I say....
This country is just over shit!


still waitin?

going to catch it friday as well haven't had the time these past few days but can't wait to watch the new spidey


alkz how was spidey 3?
watched it today and it was hot from second 1! damn those special effects are just sickening, think they got that 250 mil back within the starting week ahaha


Trey Songz ♥
i literally jus walked in from watching it... to be honest yeah.. it wasnt all that.. i loved spidey 1 & 2 they were so sick.. but this one well
1. too long!
2. too much lol !

it was really good no doubt.. but cant beat the first two - no way!