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Cant Wait For / Lookin' Forward To.. (Discussion Thread)


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prom so i can become a MAN! lol no no no just kiding! lol

i cant wait for..
Ryan Leslie new album.
yung_berg album.. but i dont anticipate alot of goos stuff.
Zion album.. (regton)

.. more.. just cant think of anymore.


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*shawty* said:
i literally jus walked in from watching it... to be honest yeah.. it wasnt all that.. i loved spidey 1 & 2 they were so sick.. but this one well
1. too long!
2. too much lol !

it was really good no doubt.. but cant beat the first two - no way!
yah i just download every movie release now. :D
get it for free. plus its great quality.
the movie was not that great. :(


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Dj_Andresito said:
prom so i can become a MAN! lol no no no just kiding! lol
LOL, do u rmbr what u said ages ago LOL, rmbr a certain thread elsewhere, in one of the non-music related sub-foums, where i rmbr precious p replied too and steve (who killed it) ...:rolleyes: :D

Dj Soulchild

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Haven't we all?? :D Sick joint, i must say...but you know how R-Les likes to keep us feinin'...it's aaaaaall a part of the grand masterplan, trust me ;)


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I know man ! Are u from Swiss I saw, I'm from Italy, near Swiss (Lugano), I work with Dj Fish (ex Sottotono member).


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Looks like Men Of Vizion are still around...I came across their myspace. They got an album droppin sometime in 07 titled "Soul Sessions". From what I hear, they going towards Gospel but these dudes can harmonise.


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can't wait for keri hilson's album. still no release date but it has to be this year, she's killed it with the guests on other artists' tracks. not to mention timbo doin his thing this year with his album. she's got the image, can sing and has written plenty of songs, plus with the producers she's got behind her she should do alrite...


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LMAO you spammed us!!! SMH

Anyway..i cannot wait for that song too!! I just know it will be hot as hell!!


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Bow Wow & Omarion

Apparantly these two, Bow Wow and Omarion hooked up and are coming up with a new CD called Face Off. I wonder how good will these two do. Anyone with more info?


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Wyclef Jean's "The Carnival II" album...this single with Lil Wayne and Akon, "Sweetest Girl," is so incredible, and with Clef's track record, the album should be another heater


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Will.I.Am - Songs About Girls (Album)

i been listening to some new cuts off Will.I.Am's (of Black Eyed Peas) upcoming album "Songs About Girls" which hits stores Sept 25, n i gotta say im looking forward to it ;)

if you're a fan of house, funk and electro then your gonna feel this.. "the donkey song" ft snoop is heavy, its very different to what other rnb/hip hop proucers/artists are doing atm so i applaud that.. its very experimental, kinda like what jungle brothers did back in the day when they released "i house you" but on some benny benassi satisfaction style/tip :D

...another song im feeling is "I Cant Wait/Impatient", its on some real funky house vibe :)