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Cant Wait For / Lookin' Forward To.. (Discussion Thread)


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JonBetts said:
don't even bother with that Jodeci concert. All those one-off concerts in the UK get cancelled! I've been dissappointed so many times: Jagged Edge, Musiq, etc all cancelled for unknown reasons :(

although knowing I've seen Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight & Joe all in one concert kinda makes me feel better!
you must have been at the hammersmith apollo too then! mate i travelled all the way down from blackpool for that, was an incredible night!


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I can't wait for Michael Jackson's new album. There is no release date yet, I'm not even sure if he has a label (Sony?) but I know that he's been working on it for years now. I've read that he's worked with Will.i.am, Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Akon etc. Maybe it will come out in '09


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i been following this girl (not literally lol) for a while now, she reminds me of Megan Rochell... girls got talent.

with the right promo i feel she can do really well.. really looking foward to an album from her..:)

"Find A Way" is one of my perosnal favs from early last year thats finally getting a well deserved release.. produced by Stargate.

check the video and follow the links to buy from iTunes..

http://www.atlanticrecords.com/bayje (vid on left - click the sound button)



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Been following rotimi, he is looking like he will be big, Always wating for mario.

Really looking forward to the rumors of a new Blackstreet album. And Jason Derulos new album, which could be bad could be good, we'll see.
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