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Contracts, Royalties?


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Hey Tj's producers. I don't make beats myself, but I'm trying to help someone I know start selling his. He has some really nice beats.

Only problem is I never sold a beat in my life. If I sell exclusive rights to someone, what all should be included on a contract?

And what about royalties? How does that work? How would you know how much they sell or whatever?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.


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I haven't sold too many beats myself, and I don't know how valid my experience may be to you/him, but what I did was register with BMI. Every time I finish a beat, or a set of beats sometimes, I send them in to be copyrighted. As far as the price of the beats, that's all on you. Whatever you feel it's worth. Don't try to to go too high too soon, but don't cheat yourself either. I've actually given away a couple of beats just to gain some more recognition. They were'nt to just anybody though. Very close relationship musically.