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disss pissed me offf


i didnt even see the first video bc i can never understand what the fuck those people say

but the second one was oh man....no comment.

i wouldnt take that if i was soulja boy. who was that guy anyways and why the fuck was he on his phone the whole time. he must really like webcams himself if he took 3 minutes to diss soulja boi. he repeated the same shit over and over again...hes pretty wack too

and do i hear PUBLICITY STUNT??


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That dude can talk his ass off! You see the other dudes talk a little eat...eat...eat... talk...eat... Souljah boi just...talk talk talk...He must not be hungry...lol


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Souljah Boy Didn't Kill Hip Hop.

Any current damage I'd put of Puff Daddy.

Nas=G.O.A.T. (He still had his fuck up's though).

On the real....Souljah Boy is funny. Dude has got everyone eatin out of his palm!!!!:D