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DJ Ern - Jackson 5 ABC that Donk blend


Clean Sleeves
ok heres a lil blend i threw together...nothin special but decided it could do something....


I'm gettin mixed reviews about the blend...let me know what yall think....this link up is for the leechers so i tagged it...if shoot me ur email in a pm and i will send it untagged...


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i like it. i know its just how the donk beat is, but feels like its lacking somethin... its pretty hot tho. maybe throw in the original under the donk drums half way or quarter way through? keep it up, thanks for the share.


Clean Sleeves
yeah..its mainly miissing the vocals from the rest of the jackson 5....I think its just michael and jermaine....its the way those old motown acapellas were mixed down I guess...