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DJ Slang or jargon you use


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What's some slang or jargon that you use as a DJ? It can be terms that you created, or that you picked up from somewhere that still aren't commonly used. I'm not really talkin about typical slang that everyone uses, such as "beatmatching", cuttin, scratchin, or whatever...but just things that someone else who's a DJ could hear you use, and they may have to think about it for a sec before figuring out what you are talking about.

Some things I say....
"Prime time" - The peak of the party...if it's over at 2, usually the 12:30-1:30 or 1-2 time that you know is the most active. I will save all the major classics or main commercial hits for this time

"Sacrifice song/track" - This will be a major song, whether it's a classic or current hit, that I would usually save for prime time, but I'll play early if the crowd is thin and needs to get active

A "DJ's DJ" - Just as someone can be a "rapper's rapper" or an "actor's actor"...someone who tends to do things that will impress other DJ's more than it impresses the average fan/partygoer. This can be good or bad, just depending on the type of events they do. Some of them may still use vinyl, but most of them at least use Serato with vinyl. They'll be great at beatmatching, cutting, and scratching, and their song selection will usually comprise of songs that are sleepers or classics to other DJ's and fans of music, versus the typical commercial songs that most fans love. They will do small things, and put certain songs together by doing things that only DJ's will catch.

"Novelty song" - These are songs that are usually wack or questionable, but have a novelty value to where you can still get away with playing them, because people will sing along to make fun of it, or because it's funny. This can be something like the theme to Fresh Prince, a recognizable song from a movie, or songs such as "Yahh" and "Lookin boy" that you could only get away with playing to a certain crowd.

"Milkin a song" - To "milk" a song is when I'll play the song for more than a verse, or play it as long as I can, just to save songs in the case that I have a crowd where only a certain style of songs work. I'll observe the crowd, and if it seems like they are into the song, I'll let it play longer, versus just cutting it after one or two verses. This may also prevent me from having to play the same song rotation at different events, because I may play 15-20 songs in an hour versus 25-35 in an hour when I am cutting the songs fast as hell.