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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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I'd like to know all of you that puts out mix cds? How often do you put them out.

I wanna use this information to create a mix cd dj drop list whever I have artists willing to do drops.



I Keep It Real

I put out mix cd's...but mostly dancehall, reggae type stuff...

I put them out when I get a chance...depends on whats new...how much time I have...if I'm even home (work out of the country half the year).

I'm in the NW (Spokane, WA area)



DJ Knight
I put out mix cds about every 3-6 weeks depending on how busy my schedule is and what new music I have. Most of my mixes are hip-hop or reggaeton.


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Dj Fade

i Put One Out About Every 2-3 Weeks . Hit Me Up For Drops ,exclusives, New Artists,remixes,models,graphics,flyers,posters, Distribution, Anything And Everything To Do With The Mixtape Game..


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CD's and MP3's.

I used to do them every 6 weeks, but since I'm starting to put more money behind them, I'm going to start doing a special edition quarterly and a regular release in between.

Hopefully I'll put out about 6 mixtapes this year.

Greg Gate$ (Fort Walton Beach, Fla)


DJ Southpaw

South FL MIX Prince!
I do mixtapes! I try to do them as often as I can...but there is only so much descent music out at any given moment. I do personal projects (i.e. My "Bottoms Up" series) as well as joints with my man DJ Swishocolate...we're known as The Emissaries...and we have quite a few projects lined up with that!

Oh yeah...I use everything to make my mixtapes...vinyl, CD and MP3....vinyl as much as I can though.


I release 6 or 8 cd's per month run a 1000 of each and release 1 mix DVD per month I DJ for a living. :D
1 blend cd
1 radio no talking
1 dirty south
1 r&b
1 hiphop (Exclusive/Freestyles)
1 baltimore club
1 dancehall/ raggae/ raggaeton
1 Live from the club or Radio mix show live.


Genius Marketing
Mixtapes Bi-Montly

I use anything that I got. Usually put out a Mixtap every 6 weeks, depending on the material I got, drops etc...

Hit me up for drops, artists, exclusives, remixes, beats, and mixtape distribution.


Kid Krunk

Spincycle Mixshow
Lately every other month because i've been busy but it's time to focus on me now...so i'm gonna do my damn hardest to drop a new one every month...good lookin out on that one TJ!!!


Da Phenom!!!!!
i'm about to start when i get back from iraq. i do blends, rap, R&B, and reggae. i'm going to start with one a month and see how it goes out here.

Las Vegas, NV


Underrated & Underpaid
I put out 3-4 quality MIX CD's a year. I stressed the word mix there for a reason. Compilations are another story. I'm dropping about 3 of those a month.