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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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DJ Emir
Custom Mixtapes Peep the MP3 samples and get your Mixtapes done right

Custom mixtapes run at $150 that's fully mixed, mastered, hosted, edited, themed and tracked out. If you want graphics done a dual sided sleeve design is also an additional $150 I'll send about 5 copies of the master disc for you to duplicate from.you can see graphics at www.djemir.com/designservices.html and you can listen to samples at www.djemir.comor peep out this little remix from Mixtape volume 8


That's a 50 Cent Ballin in Da Club DJ Emir Remix

Available for bookings 303 995-0875
and for Custom Mixtapes and Graphics


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my new cd Nauti As Eva.... was a live mix using all cds cuz i have a lot of promo stuff that hasn't been released yet


link :)

1) Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay
2) 2pac & Nate Dogg - Thugs Get Lonely Too
3) Lil Boozie - Wipe Me Down
4) David Banner - Speaker
5) T.I. - Big Things Poppin'
6) Wyclef Jean - You Know What It Is
7) V/A - Poppin' The Umbrella
8) 50 Cent - Straight To The Bank
9) Chris Brown - Wall To Wall
10) Kinfolk Khia Shine - Krispy
11) 50 Cent - I Get Money
12) Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police
13) Joeli - Sweat
14) DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck In Here
15) Down - Lean Like a Cholo
16) Pitbull - Bojangles

tracklist :)

Hope ya like!!


DJ Cutty

Florida's Own
We drop a mixtape about once a month. We do it CHOPPED AND SCREWED style. You can hit me for drops, remixes, covers, damn near anything

AIM DJCutty27
YahooIM cuttymac242
email djcutty27@yahoo.com


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I Do Because Its A Better Way For My Promotion Group To Get Our Name Out

We Just Release 3 Mixtapes

1. Dat Bitch Fie Vol.1
2. Dat Bitch Fie Vol.2
3. Bout Dat Life Vol.1
4. The Best Of Webbie --- Enter The Savage Life Vol.1 And 2


DJ Emir
Quality Party Mix Style Mixtapes

If you do searches on the internet for "Hip Hop Mixtapes"
you know I'm page one so you already know I'm on the mixtape game.
I just don't get on the turntables as often as I'd like when I'm at home.
I travel a bit now so it's a little harder. I currently only drop about 1-3
80 minute mixtapes per year. But each mixtape I drop is
nothing but pure quality and heat.

You can check out my latest creation the Transformers mixtape at www.djemir.com
I've put up a free 27minute sample of the first section of the mixtape
so everyone can have a quick listen.

This is one of my craziest mixtape creations.
It's got crazy amounts of remixes mashups and blends.
I've even included a small techno section on it with
techno breakdown remixes of Hustlin and Souljah Boy's "Crank Dat"
The whole mixtape is bananas.


DJ Emir
Transformers Mixtape

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this Crazy mixtape has 62 Tracks!?!
So you know a ton of mixing is constantly going on.
here's the track list, Keep in mind a ton of these songs are actually remixes and blends so they may not be exactly what your thinking of.

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape
Track listing:
  1. Mixtape Intro- Transformers Optimus Prime Intro
  2. Too Short- Blow Da Whistle
  3. Kanye West- Stronger Break
  4. Kanye West-Stronger
  5. Missy Elliott- Work It Harder, Work It Stronger (remix)
  6. DJ Feli Fell Feat Ludacris, Akon, Lil Jon- Get Buck In Here
  7. T-Pain- Bartender Gets Married (Remix)
  8. Breakfast Club- Holla At The Breakfast Club (Remix)
  9. Killers vs Gwen Stephanie- Somebody Holla Back (Remix)
  10. Transformers Mixtape int- You Can Call Us Autobots
  11. Madonna -. Blue Heaven Is a Place On Earth mashup Remix
  12. Lloyd vs Technotronic- Pump It Shawty (Remix)
  13. Transformers Mixtape- Weapons Specialist Iron Hide
  14. Sean Paul- Ladies Temperature Remix
  15. Sean Paul- Temperature
  16. Tony Matterhorn- Dutty Wine
  17. Cece Peniston- Dutty Finaly Remix
  18. R Kelly- Dutty Wine For Me (Wind For Me Remix)
  19. Justin Timberlake vs Micheal Jackson- Sexy Jack (remix)
  20. Destiny's Child- Lose My Breath Reggae Remix
  21. Gloria Estefan- Conga Shake (Reggae Remix)
  22. Transformers- The All Spark... DJ Emir You Hold The Key
  23. Timbaland- Way I Are Break
  24. Timbaland- Way I Are
  25. Tami Chynn- 1,2,3,4
  26. Sean Paul- Straight Up Percolate (Straight Up Remix)
  27. Eurythmics vs DJs-Sweet Percolating Dreams (Remix)
  28. Missy Elliot- Percolosinator Loses Control (Remix)
  29. Missy Elliot- Lose Control- Eturnal Remix
  30. Fergie- Fergilicious
  31. Fergie- Glamorous
  32. Rick Ross vs DJs- Hustle in The New Order (Remix)
  33. Souljah Boy vs DJs- Crank Dat Techno Hard (Remix)
  34. Souljah Boy- Crank Dat Break
  35. Souljah Boy- Crank Dat Superman
  36. Huey- Pop, Lock n Drop It
  37. Da Shop Boys- Party Like A Rock Star
  38. The Killerz vs The Shop Boys- Killaz & Rockstarz (Remix)
  39. Transformers- Bumble Bee is a Brave Soldier
  40. Huricane Chris- Hey Bay Bay
  41. Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne- Make It Rain Remix 1
  42. Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne- Make It Rain Remix 2
  43. Baby Bash ft T-Pain- Cyclone
  44. Plies ft T-Pain- Shawty
  45. Transformers- Optimus Prime on Freedom
  46. 2XL- Magic City
  47. T-Pain- Buy You A Drink
  48. MIMS ft Junior Reed- Why I'm Hot Reggae Remix
  49. Cham- Ghetto Story Remix
  50. Kanye West- Can't tell Me Nothing
  51. Transformers- Optimus prime on Fate
  52. Beyonce' ft Jay-Z- Upgrade This (Upgrade You Reggae Remix)
  53. T-Pain vs Rihanna- Chopped Up Umbrella (Buy You A Remix)
  54. T.I.- Big Things Popping (Reggae Remix)
  55. T.I.- Big Things Ballin (We Fly High- Ballin Remix)
  56. Fergie- London Bridge Flies High (We Fly High Ballin Remix)
  57. R Kelly- Burnin Up Flying High (We Fly High Ballin Remix)
  58. Tupac- We Still Ballin (2pac We Fly High Ballin Remix)
  59. 50 Cent- Get Money Breaks the Bank
  60. Tranformers- Optimus Prime Outro
  61. 50 Cent- Get Money
  62. 50 Cent Feat Milk- Get Money (Originators Remix)


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i do em when i'm in the mood... i just finished a 32 track mix that's 60 minutes long... Sometimes i put out a few a month, sometimes i go months without. The mood has to strike me. I dj in the clubs 4 nights a week, a lot of times on my off nites the last thing i want to do is listen to music. lol. While i'm known as a top 40/hip hop dj, i still put out house/electro house cds from time to time.