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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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We do mixed cd's every month or so, although we will be setting up our podcast's in the next month or so and will also be doing bi weekly podcasts.

The info for the drops for our sound is:
The Cream Team Sound Crew with DJ's JyNx (pronounced Jinx) and Boogie

you can check out our last mixed cd on our myspace page: myspace/ilovecreamteam

Cream Team Sound Crew


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Well Connected 2 Hosted by Kinfolk Kia Shine

Link to cover:

Dj Shy Stylz
Well Connected 2

Hosted by: Kinfolk Kia Shine

01. Intro - Kia Shine
02. 1st 48(New Style) - Kia Shine
03. Headbanger - Alfamega feat. Busta Rhymes
04. From Now Until Then - Jadakiss
05. B-More PSA - COMP
06. Neverland - COMP
07. Keep It 100 - Yung Texxus
08. Kia Shine Speaks
09. I like What You Do - Black Walt feat. Infinity
10. Fresh As I Wanna Be - Tresor Hugo
11. Rosco Speaks
12. Swag Ranked 1 - Rosco
13. Kia Shine Speaks
14. Kush - Kia Shine feat. 8ball & Young Buck
15. B-More PSA #2 - COMP
16. Diesal - COMP
17. Buss It Open - Yung Texxus feat. Young Joc
18. I Don't Dance - Shaudi Fly
19. EDUBB Speaks
20. Big Money Talk - EDUBB
21. Big Dreams(G-mix) - Roccett feat. The Game
22. BTE SPeaks
23. Fly High - Joe Deluxe
24. Kia Shine Speaks
25. Co-Pilot - Kia Shine feat. Danny Boy
26. Powerful Drawz - Looney Tunez
27. Outro - Kia Shine




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We do Mix CDs too...

H-Town DeeJays (Heilbronn,GERMANY)
DJ Steve Money and DJ Big-T. aka the Armys No.1 DJ

Bout to drop like 1-3 Mix CDs a Month and lookin out right now for Mix CDs/Mixtape Hostings so if any Artist here feel like get sth goin on hit us up!

TJ thx in advance for puttin us on the list!

Our Contact Informations:
DJ Steve Money: djstevemoney@hotmail.de // djstevemoney.com // myspace.com/djstevemoney
DJ Big-T.: djbig_t@yahoo.com // myspace.com/djbigtakadjpaulmasson


of course i do. usually bi-weekly to monthly depending on how music comes out.
you already know what it is....

Dj Secret
(863) 559-3562

Add me to the list


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DJ O,hometown Ocala Fl, Representing Orlando Fl, check out my R&B mixtapes at albumhunt.com/ I put them out about 3 times a month depending on my schedule, I use mp3.


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www dot dj loon dot com

i drop mixtapes series "worldwide hustlin" every month or so and feature artists from everywhere just check the link above i got one for download for free on my page i would love to get involved in this TJ i know this is a old post but hope im not too late lol.

www dot djloon dot com is my myspace page

djloon at gmail dot com is my email

DJ Loon (the midwest choppaholic aka the worldwide hustler)


Dj Academik

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I got my first one coming out soon, I think i'm to much of a perfectionist so I never like my own mixes. It's buggin the hell out of me.