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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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dj el nino

"el dj favorito de......"

info...i put out 2 times a month!!!

different styles of music!

i do reggaeton,freestyle,latin in general,etc...


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I put out one about once a month, I have an rap mix and a r&b mix and if i really get so time on my hand i will put out a Jazz mix

Holla@yoboy!! :eek:


DJ Smokey
I usually drop a mix cd at least once every two weeks. Sometimes once a week depending on how much new material I have coming in. The last week of the month I normally reserve for remixes because I like to keep my fans with exclusive material.

DJ Smokey
Chicago, Il


I just started to drop mix cds in my area (Macon, Ga) because the mixtape scene is so dry and people drive one hour north to atlanta to get tapes. so i have dropped 3 so far. 1 r&b, 1 underground, 1 mainstream. i woudl say i drop every 2 weeks. it's alot of D.I.Y. work, but it takes time.


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Hey Y'all!!!!

I usually drop a new Mix CD Bi-Monthly to Monthly,depending on upcoming gigs. I put out actual MIXED cd's[no hyped up sorry azz DJ INTROS/CRAPPY YELLIN] of up-n-coming radio hits & "off the radar" joints that have good street credz.I actually have a nice demand for em' in the area...usually press bout 300-500 of each series,and I've sold out of em all[10 Vol. strong]

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Southwest Tastemaker!
Yo kid....

Hit up that mixtaperadio.net site...dat' BUMRUSHED mixtape is HOTT!!DAMN GOOD JOB! I ordered dat jank!Gonna promo ya in the SOUTHWEST!



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Deejay Victorious

Dj Victorious (Rookie of the year 2006-REMEMBER that)
3 a month
1- Hip Hop
1- R&B
1- Reggae (slow..not dancehall) starting april.
this month will be a southern joint
From Brooklyn,, I take all drops. generic or personalized.
no yelling.
always looking for collabos with dj's.
would be honored to host/mix an artist's joint. as long as YOU make em and i dont gotta yell over the whole god damn thing..


I'm looking for anyone to host a cd for my group TRU-N-LIVIN
link below


I do about 3 a month of my own but I also push mixtapes for others as well. There is a high demand here on the Space Coast(Florida).
DJWheelMaster rob

I put out mixed tapes approximately 5 to 6 times a year. I am currently working with a few up and coming artists and it is really hard for me to get on the wheels of steel as much as I want to. My latest CD titled "Reggaetonazo Azo" will be out at the end of April. So stay tuned....

Drops, shouts, what ever you want, I am game. Peace.

DJWheelMaster Rob

Kompozas Musik

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I use vinyl its rare i have to use a mp3, I put out mixtapes every 6-8 weeks