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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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Djs Do It With "12
TJ, I do mix cds I dropped a couple on your boy Tech, Im working on a banger as we speak!!! Can always use drops!!!! Thanks!! Krys-P (Chris Pierce)DjKrys_P


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mix cd's

Yo add me to the list im in seneca south carolina by clemson university and i
drop 1 mix cd every month and leaning toward 2 a month just depends on what the demand is for.Im about to start a oldschool new school blend series so stay on watch for the heat

goldenstyle ent

DJ Twyst

I Use Both Cd And Records......

But Being That It's Somebody New Coming Out Everyday And They Hand Me Cd's, I'm Really Just Thinking About Sticking To Str8 Cd's. But My Program Is Down Right But I Try To Do One Once A Month. Missed Last Month. Trying To Re-up Next Month.

DJ Smuv

Track Masta
Im In Atlanta , And I put out 2 - 5 a month .I would love to be on the Drops List .
Thanks for a great forum TJ !DJ Smuv


Dime Diva
Diva doin' tha Mixtape Grind

:eek: What up TJ, This ya gurl DJ Dimepiece, From Ca$hville, Ten-A-Key now about to smash the mixtape game and hold it down in the Midwest, Cincinnati, OH. I do mixtapes and drop 2 or more a month. Definately holla, wit drops, exclusives, etc....

Shouts to everyone on here...For those that I dont know, plz feel free to reach out. It's definately about buildin' and networkin and if anyone knows me...they know thats what I'm all about. Stay blessed...

DJ Dimepiece


DJ .::BeatFactory::.

I do one about every other month. Mostly Hip-Hop, but I'll throw an extra R&B and/or reggaeton CD in between hip-hop mixtapes. I'm in Houston, Texas. Email me: beatfactory@gmail.com


Old School is my thing as of now.
Vinyl & CD currently, but will include MP3 later after my network servers are up.

What I'm putting out:

House/Freestyle/Club Classics
Old School HipHop & Reggae
Slow Jams

Right now it's once every 2-3 months due to time constraints. (Network Consulting)
Eventually it will be once a month once my contract is up. I'm still putting everything together in my basement....
Put me on, I definitely want drops... :D
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I do

I put out a mixtape every three to four weeks. Im in Miami. I do mainly Hip-Hop and sprinkle a little R&B

You can cop mine in a flea or two.


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Dj Mr King

I drop about 2 mixtapes a month....I usually move about 600-1000 units per tape....I got a nice buzz in Ohio and a little in the south right now thanks to the connects on this board...Go head and add me to any drop list and what not.....