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Do you put out Mix CDs????

What do you use to create your mix cds?

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Shi Shi Productions

Hey TJ,

We're an independant production company based in UK. Currently we put out 2 to 3 mixtapes every quarter. They range from Ragga, Hiphop and RnB.

Normally they come in mixtures of MP3 and CD's from the artists.

Thank you,

Shi Shi


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yuh fam add me onto the list too folk...usually twice a month drop a blend/new music tape...holla folk



DJ TimzZ

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I do a mix (with combination of records & mp3's) every month, distributed in the Benelux ova here, with lot's of exclusives & each month a style. R&B, Hiphop, Oldskool, Reggaeton etc..


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I'm averaging one every 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, with the RIAA raiding almost every store in RI, I've been forced to take a new route. My boys in Arizona are moving 400 or so per CD. In RI, I'm moving about 450 through an e-mail list of regular customers that I've set up.

Desert Heat Entertainmnt
mailto: desertheatent@aol.com

repping: DJ Owen Riley & The Jinks
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Diamond Dog

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Just started gettin into the game last month. Gonna be doin one every month including blendz of hip hop, R&B, reggae & reggaeton. All mixed up w. intros & what not. So please add m eto that drop list. Thanx, brotha!!


Hey TJ thanks for the Add for WorldWideDJs on myspace.
Here @ WorldWideDJs.com we have a digital mixtapes subscription; we'd not say that we pioneered it but we're part of the earliest in the game runnin' this format. So, pretty much just like Promo Only, Ultimix and the likes...on a monthly basis we ring bell to our subscribers straight through digital downloads with four mixtapes covering Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton and even Dance music. And, just like the name, our subscriber's base is a global one.
We're also physically active in the nightlife scene and DJing in the tri-state area - NYC and Upstate NY, NJ, CT.
So yes, include us in your list because we do this on a serious level day in and out...when it comes to cross promotion we're game all the way.
I'd like to get you some promo downloads...so holla at me with an e-mail address...I'm not sure if any of your info is posted on this the site already, I'll check.


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i give every body in hear there props to the fullest.
i always wanted to do mix tapes, just don't know how to go about doing it.
i know djs that do it like DJ KOOL KID, sometime its hard to ask cats to show me the ropes but some people don't like to give info like that. Ive been djing since like i was 15 I'm 27 now, its my hobby, i love it, i got my skills and i don't hate on nobody, if i can help another DJ with something i do it. any body with info or connects that can help me start it well be well appreciated and well not go unrecognized.
i go by the name
"dj suspence"


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hey wats up tj?

could you please put me on the drop list, thanx in advance for all drops if possible.


thanx again tj for the site as well as the drops,

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