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Eminem - We Made You (DJ Savoie Extended)


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Good job on the extend, but damn, you made a really shitty song even longer.

It is sad that Em plays himself like a big f'n joke all the time. His latest singles have been just garbage.

He should pack it up, go home, take care of his wife, kids. That way he can keep his dignity and rightful place as one of the top mc's of all time.


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its called relapse because he falls into an old state of form Slim Shady who in the video/song of when im gone Em gets rid of slim, which is why encore wasnt as jokey as his old albums


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the sad thing is... even tho he sounds like bogus as hell... he can still rap better that a majority of rappers out there nowadays.

KDM 7000

Eminem is always creatively putting words together and making rhymes the way rhymes were meant to be made. Congrats to him. I wish many of these rappers who popped up around 2007 and the end of 2008 would just disappear, but just when I thought they did, I hear previews of what's to come. Not good, especially when rappers these days are trying to bring back the meaningful lyrics in hip hop that were lost when a whole bunch of silly rappers started talking about nothing around 2007 or so...