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First Production


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Tell me what u think been using FL studio about 2 weeks in which ive used it about 5 times (so haven't got my head anywhere close to knowing how to use it fully) but here are two production of Rhythm of the night one with an extra vocal loop at the start, both have extend intro and outro, and some loud synths in the song, tell me what u think, be harsh if needed, the more info i get the better i can work on it

Corona - Rhythm of the Night (banged! Production without vocal loop)

Corona - Rhythm of the night (Banged! Production with Vocal Loop)


da blur

um...wow this is your first production?? its really good for only using FL 5 times..
better than i expected... but you should make it get more hyped up after like first minute if you know what i mean.. cause it sounds like just a simple beat, which would be good for an intro but then you gotta take it up a notch and switch it up some.. that snyth is kind of annoying.. just being honest
find some good VST plugins and you have to get some better sounds...
pretty decent job tho dude.. i wouldnt play this at a party but it's probably way better than 1st shit i ever made in fl thats for damn sure
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Thanks blur yeah im sorta working my way into using the software so hopefully next few week ill have some good stuff this i did today in about 45 - hour, yeah i only got stock FL synths at the moment im thinkin of getting mayby korg legacy or Native not sure, do you know which would be good for say Klass style electro?


i wouldnt play this at a party but it's probably way better than 1st shit i ever made in fl thats for damn sure
Hell yeah! My first beat was total shit...I remember it! For a first beat this is actually quite listenable. I'm listening to the one with the vocal loops and it is good stuff. This shows you have a lot of potential to grow and in a few years you will be making hits for major artists. The best advice I can give it to keep practicing and check out videos on Youtube. I go there every now and then to get tutorials on different elements of beat making.

Keep it up!

- Kaij

devious Davis

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pretty good for your first production. that synth is highly annoying. haha. also the vocal clip of rhythm of the night comes in a little early. listen to the original and figure out where your claps are supposed to hit. not bad my friend


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first timer not bad haha. ive been doing this for a while it definitly takes time to get the hang of it. but btw, I produce hiphop, rap, rnb, reggae, bla bla, and house too, but you referring to Klass in this forum, only 1 out of 10000 music lovers like me will know who you're talking about. no one here really cares bout house, just some ppl. like me lol. anyways keep at it man, talk to producers, read about producers, listen to other producers instrumentals. you'll develope your own style hopefully one day cause the ppl that do the same shit arent the ones that should be picked to produce beats for Drake n Cudi n other big names. just be real. ez.