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Gettig rid of the tables


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Lord_MCD said:
Yes I do agree that technology changes over time. Also, what is the hardest thing for us to do is "adjust" to the change. I rock vinyl myself personally, but I won't lie as I have cds too... as well as mp3s as well. Those djs who use the CD decks do DJ, but for me I like the feel of vinyl under my hands and fingertips. Everytime I touch one, it reminds me of back in the days when I first started out years ago... you know that reminiscing feeling. *Wow*

So, what I did here recently was purchase the Serato Scratch hardware and v2 vinyl. The vinly has the same feel, and I'm telling you that you can't tell by ear/sight the difference between scratching with Serato (using pc/mac), and scratching pure vinyl.

The downside of rocking Serato is if you like to do lots of blends vs just plain scratching. You will need to readjust yourself to how to blend song (using pitch control on your decks), to keep that mix going.

BUT, all in all I embrace the Serato (not necessarily the Final Scratch), because I can keep my vinyl feel!!!!!

Just my 2 cents...
I feel you. Right now I'm juggl'in within my head on whether to cop some CD Turn Tables or Serato Scratch Live. I haven't transitioned to the digitial world yet and as a vinyl DJ for many years, I feel that Serato would be the most comfortable transition. Can you please explain why you stated that you have to re-adjust with blending (in regards to Serato). I'm very curious and would like to know...Thanks..



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So what about the people using Serato scratch? I use a Laptop but I spin on my 1200's. Skills are skills if you have them with real vinyl then you have them still. If you didn't Serato doesnt make you good. No fakers allowed!!!

I am saying I been in the game since '86. 28 crates later, man the laptop and external hardrive with the headphones to the club is a lot easier on the back.

As far as keeping it real, I grew up IN the Bronx River Projects, my cousin's father was Mario the Disco King (original dj to Zulu Nation). I got no one to keep it more real to than my peeps in the pj's. I showed this to them a few months back and it was like re-inventing the wheel.

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It all comes down to a matter of preference. I tried going digital about a year and a half ago & I really like the options I get when putting together a CD. Spinning vinyl, however, is something that...well....let's just say if you started out spinning vinyl, then you'll always love it. There is nothing like the "hands on" feel of blending beats with a set of 1200's at a house party or club.


I never messed with turntables. I always wanted to scratch but vinyl just to expensive and to hard to comeby. So I mess with the cd scratchers (American Audio baby).


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That's real....

Most catz who start out on cd's usually won't go to vinyl without some type of influence from someone else....There are limitations to vinyl that a dj starting out on cd's just wont tolerate

1. cost
2. take too long get a hold of
3. can't customize

There are only certain cutz I have to have on vinyl, and this is a personal preference for my collection to mix and scratch, label etc..

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I Could Never Get Rid Of My Turntables...Taught Myself On Vinyl And Why Not Stay With Vinyl It's The Best But Don't Get Me Wrong Dem Crates AreKIllin Me From Time To Time... I Love My Cdj-800's Also...


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I started out on tables and then moved to the Pio CDJ 800s. I'm considering switchin back to vinyl once I get Serato.


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Dont concentrate on tha finga.....or you'll miss all the heavenly glory!!!!
Cds or Vinyl?! This is a topic that has torn djs in my town apart!!
I have used both and currently use Denons 3500s, I say when in rome!!
If I am doin a hip hop show , by all means use vinyl, but I can still cut and tweak out shyt w/ tha Denons . When Im at tha club and 200 ppls are throwin down just for shher quality, cds! I play with a guy who does vinyl and we play side by side and its fun and different, but you can tell a big difference! too many skips and popcorn!!!!!
I say when in rome , It does take skill for both, I dont worry about what the other guy is doin, I just try and blow it up evrytime I play!!!!
amen......nigha pleez


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Gotta go with the cdj's! Though I don't know much about vinyl...however I did just get some turntables for Christmas, I just haven't gotten needles yet, but there's already a whole in my pocket so fuck that!

Soon as I get some more loot, I'll definitely mess with vinyl more.

I'm not sure if all tables don't have the "master tempo" option, but it's a fucking jewel. I don't like the idea of chipmunk or chopped and screwed style up on my set, y'know!? I don't wanna keep cutting into the next song with a scratch, I see that too much out here. One of the popular dj's out here does it. He works at the same club I do, since he's been around 4 years and I just moved here, he's got a crowd that follows his venues. It pisses me off to see my dead dance floor compared to his crowded one when he mixes like shit. Me on the other hand, 99.9% flawless, with the sick remixes tj's provides me too. But it bugs the living fuck outta me...respect to him as a person, an entertainer, I just don't like the fact that he's up there with shit mixing. Slowly but surely, Imma GTDJ his ass. Grand Theft DJ!

Point is, I'm scared to get as lazy as that guy who shows no talent. Props to dj's who keep it in the mix, even more without a laptop. It's more convenient but it doesn't do me justice. Mine as well grab a seat, drink, light your cigarette, dj!
I need to constantly work.

CDJs, I love you.
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ey yall could just keep your old setup and use serato like he said its the same kind of like using a cd setup..save you more $$ and one wanting to sell their record set up let me know..i'll cash you out

dj allstar is smart too.. ahahah


DJ Chinkner and DJ Allstar, I hear what you are saying, but I started this thread back in 03' I have been on Serato since 05' but good lookin out though.


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i dont use my tables on gigs anymore. have 2 denon 3500s. BUT that dont mean i dont jump up on the technics 1210s now and then. also, i'd prefer using my tables with serato over a c.d. player.....ill never "trade" or get rid of my technics.

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once i get a job i'll buy some turntables and a pair of denon 3500's, "what is a dj if you can't scratch"


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i didnt even read the replies but im sure i know what alot say ... use both .... each has its advantages.. cds r easier to carry yes but you still cant compare the quality of those vynils and getting that natural feel in your mixes............................. Keep Em! .. lol.


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The 45 Revolver said:
...I guess when you use terms like 'whack' and 'emulators=fakers' you are bound to have pholk catch feelings.

Not my intention. My bad.

But I feel as though vinyl is under assault...so I hope you wont take personal what is a battle between styles. I am watching my craft under attack, so I lash back, but I certainly mean to not insult. Just encourage you to reconsider in involving yourselves in the assault on our craft...do not support the CD takeover.

I feel the day is coming when there will be no more vinyl. Had Serrato and Vinyl scratch not come out this death would be delayed much longer. Cause most Vinyl DJ's don't like the CD format even though the CD players have gotten good enough to scratch almost like vinyl. But a ton of Vinyl DJ's are switching over to Serrato Scratch with the Vinyl control records and most are loving it. I myself am doing so as well, Ive used it for about a year now and there are things I love about it (carrying a huge music library without having to take out songs to fit others in your crates) but then there are things I don't like- I love being able to just lift records up out my crate and visualy see and touch the vinyl in my crates, I can look up and switch up songs faster with straight vinyl and can jump around my crates faster (so long as they are in order)

Serrato is great for when someone asks for a certain song and you can look it up rather than say, damn I took that out the crate just tonight LOL always it's that one song you took out, always LOL

I can set up what I want to play in serato but I still feel it's easier to navigate through real crates. I still pack one crate with me and often carry two just incase.
If you are looking for the convenience of CDs but want the feel of Vinyl this is the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds.

I feel you on the light touch thing dog... I run serato on absolute mode wich acts just like a record, I do that so I can still use stickers on my records to do beat juggles otherwise the two records wont match up since the songs will cue up from different spots. This means the records will also skip like real records if you scratch with too heavy a hand. I do this cause it also lets you needle drop like real recoirds in this setting. otherwise you have to either set up cue points on your songs or manually spin and rewind the records. But many cats I know couldn't scratch worth a shihat now scratch at least better now that the records don't skip on them since they use relative mode for their record, so if the record skips the song acts as if it didn't crazy (cheating if u ask me but hey fader hand needs skills too right?)


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i love my tables, but realistically.... they have to go. While i still do Techno and Hard Trance when i go on tour in the UK, 99% of the time tho, i'm using my cdj's.... I just switched from the Denon DN4000's to the Pioneer CDJ 1000's... Honestly, i miss my Denon :(.... I guess i'm just old school.... I dunno.