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Gettig rid of the tables


Fellow DJ's Young, Old New, Skool in between skool, R&B, Hip Hop, Club,House, Dance Reggae, Reggaeton, and Crunk DJ's. If you haven't copped a copy of the lastest Pro sound and Stage Catalog. You will notice a startling Find!!..... They don't have Tech 1200's for sale anymore!! Technics has totally stopped making them why?.. One "Word" "Technology!
I loved my decks (Techs) back in the day but with time comes "Change!" Now for those die hards out there that want to continue to drive that Old Model "Caddy" Go for It! You will find that parts are gonna soon if they are not already be hard to come by and They are gonna cost you! Lets be realistic You went from a home phone to a pay phone, now you gotta "Cell Phone!" Do you wanna get up that cell for that pay phone? Last I checked Those Pay Phones don't exist any more in some places!. I went from a reel to reel to an 8 track, to a cassette decks and Vynil on to Cd's and MP3's. Mad Shouts to Serato, Virtual Vynil, Tracktor Scratch, Torq and all those other programs that allow you to stay "True" as You term it to form. In this industry you are either a trendsetter or a Bone Collector! "Money and Repeat Business!!Is the End game at least that is what your goal is AS A PROFESSIONAL DJ. and some sense on being in whats new! Crates get heavier as you get Older!!(I know) For those Jocks thats screaming "Turntable DJ's are TRUE DJ'S!! Your Full Of It! You are probaly the same ones rocking your decks while they are attatched to a computer ( Running Serato Ect.)! So Where Is The Hypocrisy Here! Not Bashing Just calling It how i read it.. I on CDJ's Love em! And when the next bit of technology jumps out that will make me better, faster and and more innovative as a DJ I'm Gonna Embrace That Too! " A New Car Every Year!" So You Keep them Old Dilapidated "Caddy's" I loved Them too! But I'll Be Driving The Brand New Lambo!! (Equipment!) Madlove..No Offense just Giving "Common Sense!"


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Like me Ive changed to Pioneer DJ-SR they ok but in saying that its my 4 digital console so Im still in the old skool. My favourite decks of all time was the NUMARK CDN88, man those were the 'best' so much better and so much reliable - man I wish I never sold them