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Hip Hop Charts

dj tre-love

Debuting at No. 1 on the charts this week is Busta Rhymes. The Brooklyn native has uplifted NY with The Big Bang, which is bangin' it out on the charts with help from his hit "Touch It," and his latest single "I Love My Chick," that has already bagged top-ten video status. Busta-Bus is on his New York ish this week with 209,469 units sold, according to Nielsen's SoundScan.

Slightly slipping on the hip-hop charts this week is Yung Joc, coming in at No. 9. "It's Going Down" is still pushing for New Joc City this week, as the southern LP is sitting tight at 69,880 strong. After two weeks, the "Bad Boy" has maintained the torch for the ATL movement, with 218,412 discs moved to date.

One step below is Ice Cube, sitting at No. 10 this week. The West Side rider is proving his persistence with holding down Cali, moving Laugh Now Cry Later to a nice 208,525 discs after 2 weeks on the charts. This week, "Why We Thugs" continues to regulate, icing the game with 63,693 CDs representing for the week-in total.

Following behind is Gnarls Barkley, not moving an inch on the charts but still making moves at No. 11. It appears that Gnarls have the hip-hop scene on lock, positively increasing their sales this week to 63,034 compared to last week's 47,803. The duo is still holdin' it down with the same charts position as last week, but is keeping the competition in craze-mode as the total for St. Elsewhere reads off at 279,500.

Falling twelve slots on the charts this week is Chamillionaire, taking the seat at No. 30. This week, Cham is still on the move, pushing units hard body with 971,955 copies sold to date. The Sound of Revenge has hit the curb full force this week, with 32,639 ending the 7-day cycle.

Stumbling six positions this week is T.I., landing at the No. 32 spot. King is still holding the crown and maintaining royal stat with 1,278,380 units sold after 12 weeks. "Why You Wanna" still has the scene on lock, as 30,882 is standing as the week's ending numbers.

Sitting at No. 46 this week is Terror Squad's DJ Khaled. Falling thirty-four positions after just 2 weeks has taken Khaled to a lesser 20,986 discs compared to 44,710 last week. Still, Beat Novocaine has numbed the hip-hop scene with Listennn...The Album! alongside impressive cameos and the latest party jumpoff "Holla at Me," featuring Lil' Wayne, Fat Joe, Pitbull, and Rick Ross. The total for the cameo-covered LP reads at 65,666.

Next up is Don Omar, coming in at No. 61 this week. King of Kings is still representing well for the reggaeton movement, banging it out with 17,375 CDs sold this week. To date, the Boricua Don has moved 138,655 copies.

Following behind is the Black Eyed Peas, taking the No. 72 seat this week. So far, Monkey Business is all about dollars, with 3,834,896 units sold. This week, the album has still maintained its relentless power, sitting tight at 15,693.

Taking the No. 73 seat this week is Sean Paul. His newest single, "Give It Up to Me," features Keyshia Cole and is on the move for The Trinity. The dancehall kid is holding it down for Kingston at 1,057,514 discs moved thus far, bringing his week-in total to 15,261

Lastly, Cam'ron kills the season, Eminem maintains his position, Daddy Yankee makes a charts come back, and Dem Franchize Boyz just barely make the rap race. Cam'ron has fallen yet another thirty seats on the hip-hop charts this week, breaking his skydive at No. 91. Killa Season has moved 205,236 copies after 5 weeks on the go, rounding off the 7-day cycle to a slow 12,261 discs. One foot under is Eminem, taking the No. 92 position this week. Curtain Call is still holding its title in the hip-hop charts, taking the stage by storm with 2,431,072 units sold thus far. This week, Slim Shady has managed to bang it out with 12,152 copies. Resurfacing on the hip-hop charts after a long retirement this week is Daddy Yankee, bringing it back at No. 95. The newest single, "Gangsta Zone," features Snoop Dogg and is creating waves for Barrio Fino En Directo, which is bangin' it out at 11,653 this week. To date, the reggaeton album has done very well, with 597,609 CDs sold. Ending the rap competition this week is Dem Franchize Boyz, falling thirteen slots this week to hit up No. 100. Despite being blamed for killing hip-hop by rap duo Field Mob, the outlaw camp has lean and snapped their way to 517,903 copies in total. This week, they have pushed 10,837 discs.

Next week look for Field Mob's DTP debut Light Poles and Pine Trees to show up on the charts.



DJ Double Dee
CALIRED, I dont know why they didnt put that "Ill hurt you" track on the final. That scott storch beat was bangin.


busta is SICK and thats hip hop not this nelly shit mothfucka radio is playing Why is radio controlling hip hop rap isfrom the streets and the streets should have a say so on whats hot and wats not not just party music all day errday


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My fav for this week,

Smov & Dedy Dread - "No Diggin"
Funtomas - "Shake Shot"
How Will It Be (Between You & Me)
Hood Pass Intact (feat MC Eiht)